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A mortgage broker like no other

Good Finance, a mortgage broker in Paris specializes in real estate loans, loan insurance and credit redemption. With 18 years of experience on the French market, Good Finance revolutionizes the world of real estate in Paris by offering offers tailored to the needs of its consumers and 0 euros of fees.

Good Finance, the real estate loan broker in Paris coming up!

Good Finance, the real estate loan broker in Paris coming up!

A mortgage broker , Good Finance is paving the way for a new generation of real estate loans in Paris, offering homeowners a chance to help them find the best loan from any mortgage broker in Paris for their real estate project.

Good Finance negotiates for free and instead of the customer from the largest French banks the lowest rate at the best conditions without taking any fees. With a policy that will revolutionize the world of mortgage lending, Good Finance continues his desire to simplify credit to bring the customer a fresh look at the mortgage.

Five additional assets at the service of the consumer:

1 – A global financing solution, Good Finance is committed to getting for its customers:

  • The rate of the mortgage on Paris the lowest market, the best conditions in their own bank and in the one that offers the best rate of the moment. Thus, Good Finance leaves the choice to the customers to change or not of bank according to the advantageous conditions negotiated.
  • A less expensive borrower insurance with equal guarantees with those of the banks. As an authorized partner, Good Finance negotiates hard for its clients, the best conditions for loan insurance with the largest French insurers (AGF, AIG, April, Cardif, Generali, …). The client can save up to 40% on the cost of his loan insurance, and benefit from an efficient borrower insurance solution even in specific cases of aggravated risks, practice a dangerous sport or a profession at risk.

2 – A service of irreproachable quality

Whether remotely via the internet or in an agency, the customer has the same advantages and the same quality of service. Indeed, the mortgage broker on Paris Good Finance studies completely and for free each loan file to select in advance the banks that offer the best credit rate depending on the profile of the borrower.

Moreover, to avoid leaving the borrower alone in the choice of the banks, the councilor Good Finance selects for him the best solution of financing for his project and accompanies it until the signature at the notary. An effective and appreciated method since 30% of Good Finance’s customers come by word of mouth …

3 – Free and personalized follow-up

The mortgage broker Good Finance has developed for several years in Paris an innovative customer approach through a personalized and free monitoring in addition to a permanent, accurate and complete information on the progress of the case. The real estate loan broker informs his clients by e-mail as the file progresses. Thus, the customer follows day after day, in real time, the progress of his application for mortgage.

4 – A unique and responsive Privileged Advisor

At Good Finance, the client speaks to a single point of contact, a specialist in banking and insurance, for a comprehensive management and personalized service of his real estate project. Thanks to its responsiveness, in less than 10 days, the client holds a loan offer adapted to his request. Privileged Advisor Good Finance is an available and competent professional, present alongside the client to advise and guide him in his real estate project. In addition, Councilor Good Finance is not remunerated on commission, depending on the products he subscribes to clients, which ensures greater objectivity in his recommendations.

5 – Saving time and money

Thanks to a powerful website, it takes 5 minutes for the user to complete an online loan application. Within 24 hours, the client receives a financing plan by email or telephone. If this proposal interests him, Good Finance sends him within the hour, following his request, a loan file by email. The filing of file is by mail or mail to avoid unnecessary travel to the client. Once the file is collected, a Privileged Adviser studies it taking into account the profile and needs of the client and selects the Banks, including his own, in which he will obtain the best offer.

Finally within 10 days, the advisor recontacts the future owner to inform him of the banks’ responses. So far, the procedure is done remotely via the internet; the client does not need to move. A widely used means since the site generates today more than 30% of the turnover of the company. However, the client can, if he wishes, come to an agency to meet his advisor and discuss with him his project.

What is the procedure with Good Finance?

What is the procedure with Good Finance?

File submission : Before sending your file to our partners, your Privileged Advisor Good Finance, real estate brokerage professional, studies your application taking into account your profile and your needs in order to select the Banks in which we will negotiate the best offer! At Good Finance, no need to move, filing is done by mail or mail. You find the best deal without moving to an agency.

The Good Finance Loan Mandate or File : On the “Good Finance Loan File”, we display our transparency by indicating our € 0 processing fee (at Good Finance, on the internet, at the Bank) *.

Signing the agreement : You only move once to sign the Good Finance Agreement.

Signature of loan offers : Your Good Finance Privileged Adviser will accompany you in your steps until the signing at the notary.

Good Finance voted Best Broker of the Year 2016

Good Finance voted Best Broker of the Year 2016

As in other years, mortgage brokers still far ahead of traditional banks, and this year again, Good Finance gets the best terms for his borrowing clients on the three examples: “In this race, the broker […] Good Finance clearly ahead of his colleagues Meilleurtaux and Cafpi “explains the magazine.

The strength of Good Finance is to stay true to its position by offering a totally free service for any borrower who finances his primary residence, secondary and / or his first rental investment: 0 € bank fees and 0 € brokerage fees . Good Finance goes even further, as we reimburse our clients for the fees that may be charged by the bank. This offer is totally transparent to the customer (the TEG includes a file and brokerage fee of € 0) and contractually written on its loan offers.

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