15-inch Flexgate repair performed free of charge by Apple



So. long story.

flexgate in February of this year got me. the screen was black as simple as that. spoke to Apple (at the time I wasn’t aware of the flexgate issues) they said there would be 750 to fix, shocked they rejected it and come home. I assumed like everyone else that I could fix it myself, a third party or something, but no.

I would say I have been in contact with Apple somehow every 2 weeks since then.

I have been to my local Apple store 3 times, (1 hour round trip) lots of online chats, calls and emails, all saying they could help but always end up the same way saying they don’t can do nothing to the price, can not reduce repair cost, can not help anyway.

which brings me to my next phase although my screen was black it worked great with an external monitor so this is how i used it but my mbp keyboard had acted noticing a program Apple service for this, I made an appointment and returned to my local store, only to be told that the service program for me had expired about 15 days before and that I would not be included in this program on duty. they said they could do both repairs for 1400, and if I paid for both repairs they would cost me $ 90 (if thoughtful) I rejected this offer, and even after more heated discussions with the genie (apply for store credit, redeem, as many other options as possible) I went home.

defeated, I focused more on the issue, and especially on consumer law. I read so many articles on using this as a reason for a replacement etc but no one seemed to get anything out of it. I spoke to an Apple agent on the chat stating that due to flexgate was a fundamental flaw with Apple so I should be entitled to a replacement or full refund of the device, I was told that ‘he couldn’t do it for me, but transferred me to an agent on the phone. I stated that consumer law covers the buyer of the item when there has been a known issue with the item since it was released I argued that the MBP had never been dropped, exposed in the water, nor even left its protective case or my desk, so I find it very hard to believe that something I did caused the flexgate problem. I was then put on hold.

waiting for almost 20 minutes, thinking the same was coming back to me, but the agent came back and said “this is what we can do in this scenario, we can offer a one-stop solution to your problems at no cost” I could not believe it, after the agent filled out some forms on his end he was arranged for my MBP to be picked up, and it was fixed within a week at no cost.

There are thousands of you in the same position as me, if you want to chat I will help me as much as possible. persistence is key, and I think consumer law is a big factor in that as well, which I’m happy to discuss further if anyone wishes.



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