2022 Oregon Beer Awards Winners – New School Beer + Cider


Barrel Aged Beers

🥇GOLD Corner of paradise by 10 Barrel Brewing Portland

🥈MONEY Masquerade by Deschutes Brewery and Alesong Brewing & Blending

🥉BRONZE Imperial Brown Barrel Aged Rye Whiskey by pFriem Family Brewers

Barrel Aged Stouts

🥇GOLD cute metal by Breakside Brewery

🥈MONEY Coconut Rhino Costume by Alesong Brewing and Blending

🥉BRONZE space music by Breakside Brewery

Flavored beers

🥇GOLD rustic flora by Upright Brewing

🥈MONEY Corpo Seco Pumpkin Beer by Wayfinder Beer and Cloudburst Brewing

🥉BRONZE cocoa cow by Sunriver Brewing Company

Fruit beers

🥇GOLD Coconut dark beer by Public Coast Brewing Company

🥈MONEY Passionate craving by 10 Barrel Brewing Co.

🥉BRONZE Blueberry Cream Ale by MadCow Brewing Company

Coffee and smoked beers

🥇GOLD Smokey the beer by Level Beer

🥈MONEY pFriemsters Union Double Porter Smoky Maple Pecan by pFriem Family Brewers

🥉BRONZE McCollough Mocha Stout by 7 Devils Brewing Company

Experimental and Historical Beers

🥇GOLD Paloma by Migration Brewing Company

🥈MONEY Unbearable lightness by Breakside Brewery

🥉BRONZE Agrio Morado by 10 Barrel Brewing Co.

Pastry or Dessert Beer

🥇GOLD Puppet Berry Cheesecake by 10 Barrel Brewing Co.

🥈MONEY Yeti Sno Ball Fight by Great Notion Brewing

🥉BRONZE Kill the sun with coconut, chocolate and toasted almonds by Ex Novo Brewing Company

Specialty India Pale Ale

🥇GOLD Synesthesia by Great Notion Brewing

🥈MONEY equatorial mist by 10 Barrel Brewing Co.

🥉BRONZE cosmic cold by Silver Moon Brewing

American sour beers

🥇GOLD To live! ColdFire Brewing

🥈MONEY Nice fly for a cactus Weekend Beer Co.

🥉BRONZE Rose City Sour Cascade brewing

Mixed Culture Beers

🥇GOLD spruce yes Nebula

🥈MONEY Farmer’s Cuvée by Alesong Brewing and Blending

🥉BRONZE Touch of Brett ’21 by Alesong Brewing and Blending

Fruity Beers from Mixed Cultures

🥇GOLD Coming to fruition: Cherry by Oregon City Brewing Co.

🥈MONEY four games by Upright Brewing

🥉BRONZE honey haven by Nebula

Gluten-free and alcohol-free beers

🥇GOLD IPA soaked in hops by Deschutes Brewery

🥈MONEY Alcohol Free Black Butte by Deschutes Brewery

🥉BRONZE Alien pub beer by Mutantis Brewery & Bottle Shop

Fresh Hop Pale Ales and India Pale Ales

🥇GOLD IPA Chinook Fresh Hops by Breakside Brewery

🥈MONEY Fresh Coast IPA by Migration Brewing

🥉BRONZE Wanderjack of fresh hop strata by Breakside Brewery

Fresh Hop Hazy Pale Ales and India Pale Ales

🥇GOLD Spread your layers by Deschutes Brewery

🥈MONEY small green bag by Old Saint Francis School in McMenamin

🥉BRONZE Identical Truths by Ruse Brewing

Other fresh hop beers

🥇GOLD ESB pioneer by Baerlic Brewing Co.

🥈MONEY Fresh Sterling Pilsner Hops by Breakside Brewery

🥉BRONZE Kolsch fresh hops by Zoiglhaus Brewing Co.

Best Bottle Shop

🏆 John’s Marketplace SE Powell Blvd.


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