5 new books by Hawaiian authors


OOctober heralds a season of change, the first nod to the holidays and the arrival of cooler weather (we hope). If you start your holiday shopping early, you’ll find a variety of new books to excite local bibliophiles of all ages. And you might also find something for yourself.

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by Shane Petosa-Sigel

Graphic novels have exploded in popularity recently, especially with young readers, so we can’t help but be thrilled with this children’s comic set in Hawai’i. Haku and Sam is a sweet story of new friendship and great adventure between a young boy and his own creation. This sweet and accessible tale will delight and engage the local keiki.

Ask The Brindled Nou Revilla

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by No’u Revilla

Revered poet ‘Ōiwi No’u Revilla compiles a moving collection of verses about queer love, belonging and the legacy of cultural power. Revilla’s skillful writing weaves into poems of grief and rage strands of beauty, restoration and sacred integrity. The final note is not to be missed: a detailed and intimate testimony connecting points of Revilla’s poetic journey.

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Flowers from Hawaii Lee Cataluna

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by Lee Cataluña

Lee Cataluna is no stranger to local theatergoers. His insightful wit and distillation of local culture have entertained audiences of all ages. Cataluna’s latest book, Hawaiian Flowers and Other Playsis a compilation of four tracks (Hawaiian flowers, Aloha Outfit, Kaua’i’s Great Train Robbery and Uncle’s regularly scheduled garage party is canceled tonight) brought together in one beautiful volume published by Bamboo Ridge. Each piece includes a story and archival photographs of past stage productions.

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Codebreakers Secret Sara Ackerman

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The Secret of the Code Breaker

by Sara Ackerman

Fans of historical fiction and historical romance will revel in another riveting slice of Sara Ackerman’s Hawai’i war history. Ackerman sheds light on the little-known story of female codebreakers who worked at Station HYPO cracking the naval code over the airwaves. Told through dual-chronological narratives, The Secret of the Code Breaker takes the reader to 1940s and 1960s Hawai’i through intrigue, anticipation, and romance.

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by Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson, illustrated by Daniel Sousa

Kapaemahu is a powerful picture book, written in ‘ōlelo Ni’ihau and English, about the four travelers who held both male and female spirit, brought healing to Hawai’i and imbued their healing powers in four large stones that are in Waikīkī today. Daniel Sousa’s vivid imagery recalls the illustrative style of the Oscar-nominated animated short of the same name. It is a moving story of Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, known to many as Kumu Hina, who teaches and affirms Native Hawaiian healing practices, the honored role of māhū in Hawaiian culture, and the history of healing stones from Kapaemahu.

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All of these books can be ordered through da Shop, our 2020 Best of HONOLULU winner for the best place to find your next great read. Find more suggestions here. The Kaimukī bookstore is open for consultation from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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