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Last year, as the walls started to close on my work from the home station and my passport got dusty, it was a wide road and exit signs that helped me reimagine the possibility. The California coast that connected the dots between the salt of the ocean and the outdoors became my playground, a reminder that I could always find adventure by traveling behind the wheel – and that I would never again take for granted how much I was able to see the world before 2020 This freedom inspired me what would become my greatest passion to date: to create travel guides with my company CrushGlobal Travel. If you imagine the great American hobby of a freeway leading to nothing but possibilities, you are halfway there. My goal was to take this image a step further to create more inclusive road travel experiences, where black and gay travelers could feel safe, where the money went back into the hands of your favorite taco truck. , a vineyard owned by a woman, a local bookstore and farmer. Call it the Great American Road Trip 2.0, one that recognizes that travelers are not on a human scale and that respect for communities – from wearing masks to empowering local businessmen – would always be an essential part of the journey. ‘experience.

With the help of tourist offices, all-inclusive car rental companies like Driving Kyte, and the opinion of people across the country, my team and I organized custom road trips across the United States that included private wine tastings, cooking classes, black history walking tours, and even suspected UFO sightings of note on Route 50. The Travelers can also choose from eight ready to use thematic road trip guides, with itineraries along the California coast, in the northeast and the south.

One of my favorite road trips to highlight is the drive from Charleston to Savannah. The drive between these two southern coastal towns is approximately 108 miles and takes just under two hours via Interstate 17 and I-95. This is an itinerary that caters to the interests of a wide range of travelers, as there are plenty of food, historical and drink options, as well as room for outdoor adventure.

Here are a few options to consider along the way:


Start in Charleston by signing up Hotel Emeline, a chic boutique hotel located on a tree-lined street in the city center. Emeline has an on-site cafe and restaurant, a lush courtyard for enjoying a cocktail, and earthy-toned rooms include special touches like record players and albums.


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