After 20 years of activity in Romania, ProCredit Bank encourages good decisions for the future


ProCredit Bank, a development-oriented digital commercial bank, celebrates 20 years of activity in Romania. Over the two decades, the bank has provided loans worth more than €2 billion to SME clients. The country’s only 100% German-owned bank, ProCredit Bank operates as a green bank, prioritizing two crucial societal pillars: financial and environmental.

A pioneer in offering green loans and sustainability solutions since 2014, ProCredit Bank is an institution that actively finances and promotes investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy, as well as environmentally friendly measures.

Green credits represent more than 20% of the current portfolio of SMEs. Among their destinations are projects that are the basis of commercial activity in various sectors, such as the energy efficiency of production processes or the spaces where companies operate. Regarding the structure of the portfolio, at the end of 2021, more than 32% of its total volume was represented by the production sector. At this peak of green finance granted by the bank, there are other industries important to the economy, such as agriculture with 30% and trade with 13%.

Each client goes through a process of taking into account its impact on the environment or at the social level. Beyond the analysis of financial solvency, ProCredit Bank ensures that each loaned client has a balanced or positive effect on the environment. ProCredit Bank does not finance companies with unsustainable business models, such as those based on coal mining or fossil fuel-fired power plants.

Digitization has played a vital role in the development of the institution in recent years. ProCredit Bank’s long-term investments have proven to be a real advantage for its clients, especially in the context of the pandemic.

The decision to transform traditional counters into 24/7 open spaces, to replace cash work in branches, came as early as 2016 when ProCredit Bank became the first bank in Romania to introduce the concept of branches ” cashless”. With the rest of the digital solutions, ProCredit Bank manages to streamline the way customers work with the bank while maintaining a close relationship with them through dedicated advisors, both for the SME segment and for individuals.

ProCredit Bank takes #RightDecisionsForTheFuture

After 20 years marked by professionalism, rigor and dynamism, proving that it takes the future as seriously as possible, ProCredit Bank is launching the #RightDecisionsfortheFuture anniversary campaign. For two decades, the bank’s efforts have had a positive impact on the growth of the economy by supporting and developing the SME segment and by providing facilities to encourage individuals to save. Currently, the efforts are mainly supported by the sustainable credit policy and the development of digital banking services. The anniversary campaign confirms ProCredit Bank’s commitment to becoming a catalyst for long-term economic growth.

“At ProCredit Bank, we think and act according to the needs of our clients while prioritizing the urgency of the transition to a sustainable future. As a financial institution, we have a responsibility to positively influence the economic and social environment through our daily activity. Sustainable development is a fundamental aspect of our business. We believe that the implementation of environmentally friendly policies and economic development should be in full accord. The expertise we have built up in sustainable finance is irreplaceable, even if protecting our values ​​has sometimes meant giving up certain business opportunities. The process of institutionalizing green credits has been gradual. The 20 years of local activity have consolidated, in a practical way, our vision for Romania. The following years aim to increase awareness, education and its entrenchment in as many business sectors as possible,” said Ștefan Manole, CEO of ProCredit Bank Romania.

In its activity, ProCredit Bank respects a series of essential principles both in the relationship with corporate clients and with individuals. The bank enters into partnerships with companies that have a direct or indirect positive impact on the environment and contribute to a sustainable future.

The bank also does not promote consumer loans. It provides services based on understanding each client’s situation and proper financial analysis, discouraging clients from becoming over-indebted. These practices are the basis of an effective credit risk management policy. Proof of this is the low rate of non-performing loans recorded by ProCredit Bank at the end of 2021, of only 1.7% of the total loan portfolio.


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