Announcing the winners of the Talentnook superhero story writing contest and upcoming writing contests


To learn more about the winners, visit the Talentnook Superhero Writing Contest page.

To foster the development of writing skills and provide a writing platform for young minds, Talentnook has launched another writing competition for students in Grades 3 to 5.

SAN RAMON, CA, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2021 / – Even in a year of pandemic, when travel was somewhat limited, college students across the United States brought out their creative writing skills with the Talentnook Superhero Story Writing Contest. The writing competition was held to recognize and encourage the talents of college students and invited all college students to participate.

The competition allowed students to bring out their inner fiction writer, practice creative writing, and be recognized for their talents by more than their teacher’s grade level.

The competition
Beginning in October 2020, college students (Grades 6-8) were invited to submit their applications under one of two categories: in the form of a narrative story or a graphic story ( comic book style). Submissions should be original works of no more than 2000 words (for narrative story style) and no more than 8 pages (for comic book graphic story style).

We have received hundreds of applications from college students across the United States. Applications for the Superhero Story Writing Contest were reviewed using a rubric scale by a panel of Talentnook Educators and writing experts. The nominations were judged by Ms. Eileen Mammen, author of children’s books, educator and creator of the Talentnook Writing Academy with over 15 years of experience mentoring students in the English language arts

The winners were announced at a virtual awards ceremony on April 29, 2021. This year, the winners were invited to read excerpts from their work and talk about what inspired their imaginations when they attempted invited to the writing contest, as part of an awards video.

Contest judge Ms. Eileen Mammen quotes: “The contest winners were insightful and socially aware young people who expressed their feelings in text and graphics. College students have the ability and talent not only to understand human needs, but also to offer solutions to help personal struggles. “

Storybook Category Winners
1st place: Adrian F. (8th grade, Cerro Villa Middle School, Villa Park, California)
2nd place: Isbah A. (8th grade, Cerro Villa Middle School, Villa Park, California)
3rd place: Abigail W. (7th grade, Meyerland PVA Middle School, Houston, TX)

BD category winners
1st place: Kanzi A. (8th grade, Culver City Middle School, Culver City, CA)
2nd place: Jake G. (6th grade, St. James Middle School, St. James, MO)
3rd place: Naya H. (7th grade, South Pasadena Middle School, South Pasadena, CA)

To learn more about the winners, visit the Talentnook Superhero Writing Contest page. To watch the virtual awards ceremony, watch the video here:

Upcoming Talentnook Writing Contest: New Alien Contest for Elementary Grades 3-5
To further foster the development of writing skills in early childhood and provide a writing platform for young creative minds, Talentnook has launched another writing competition. Elementary students (Grades 3 to 5) are invited to participate in the ongoing children’s writing contest, where kids have the chance to concoct their own alien story while winning exciting prizes.

Visit the Writing Contest page to learn more about the contest and how to enter it. Connect:

About the Talentnook Writing Academy:
The Talentnook Writing Academy aims to help students develop strong writing, reading comprehension and grammar skills and overcome the learning gaps created during the early years of school. Running programs for students in Grades 2-9, the academy helps students master vocabulary building, grammar training, structure of writing, differentiation of fact, fiction and opinion. , emotions in writing, types of writing, critical thinking and confidence building, analyzing literature, forming an opinion and speaking English with confidence in front of peers.

To learn more about the Writing Academy and find out about upcoming programs, visit the Writing Academy website.

About Talentnook:
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