Apple updates app age rating settings to better support titles with gambling and contests


Apple on Thursday informed developers of new age rating settings options in App Store Connect, which allow more precise categorization of titles with content on gambling and contests.

Announced in a message to Apple’s dedicated developer Web page, the new offering is designed to further refine the age classification of applications that include gambling and contests.

Specifically, the “Games & Competitions” parameter has been split into two separate parameters, allowing developers to appropriately indicate these types of content. As stated by Apple, gambling and contests will also be listed separately on the App Store in an app’s age rating drop-down list.

Apple will automatically notice that an application includes gambling examples if a developer has previously confirmed the “Games & Competitions” setting. In such cases, “Contest” will be marked as “Frequent / Intense,” Apple says.

The update also allows developers to access age rating settings directly from the App Info section of App Store Connect. Apple notes that apps that support universal purchase will display the same age across all platforms.

Changes to the age rating settings will be saved when developers submit a new version of their app. These changes could impact the availability of apps in certain regions depending on local laws, Apple says.

The update is an extension of a 2019 age rating policy that restricted gaming apps to users 17 and older.

While not specifically related to today’s update, Apple has been the target of several lawsuits claiming it is illegally benefiting from casino-style gaming apps made available through the App Store. . The company has also been criticized for allowing micro-transactions in the app, such as loot boxes.


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