“Band family” wins a commercial competition


The students of the Sampson Middle School group enjoyed a delicious pizza night last Friday, compliments of the Pizza Inn of Clinton for their victory in the pizza place business competition.

Pizza Inn held a contest for all students in grades 6-12 from surrounding local schools. The goal was for students and teachers to make a 30-60 second commercial created for Pizza Inn. Each video was posted on the Pizza Inn Facebook page and the ad that received the most likes was declared the winner. The prize — a free pizza party.

There were six contestants in this competition, including the Sampson Middle School group, Ra’quan Cain’s Sampson Middle School class. two Clinton High classes under Venetia Mann and two Hobbton High classes under Angela Martin.

The contest was tight between the SMS Band and Martin’s third bouldering class, but by only a margin of 151 votes, the SMS Band came out on top.

As teachers of the Clinton City Schools Orchestra programs, CHS Orchestra Director Geoffrey Tart and SMS Band teacher Vevlyn Lowe shared their thoughts on their students’ success at the competition.

“I did the video and the effects for the video,” Tart said. “We saw where the challenge was posted on Facebook and I said something to Ms Lowe and she said ‘let’s do it’. So we did it and they had a great time doing it.

“We put it together and throughout the preparation process, the leadership of the high school marching band was key,” he continued. “We had them come in and teach middle school kids the pep tunes. It was part of what was filmed; they liked doing that.

“Leadership is a big part of education and it is very important that students have ownership and leadership within their entities of which they are a part,” he added.

“Students have been working on cheer band music all fall,” Lowe added. “We decided to pursue this opportunity to motivate them to practice more. They knew we were going to perform cheer band music for a video and the kids pulled through and did a great job.

“They were excited – they memorized all their music, they screamed and they clapped,” she added. “They made me proud.”

Eighth grade student Kennedy Moore is a member of the SMS Band and expressed his joy at being part of the group.

“It’s really nice to have a group family that takes care of each other,” she said. “My experience has been great, Ms. Lowe and Mr. Tart have also been amazing conductors and amazing teachers. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be part of a beautiful family like this. I have tons of friends, we like to hang out, we’re going to have fun, but we’re also serious. We play our best and we do our best and that’s what we do.

As a staff member of Pizza Inn, I had the pleasure of helping deliver the price of pizza for their party, she would donate some. She gave SMS a few words of thanks.

“I just want to say thank you to Sampson Middle School for being part of our publicity; it was a tight race but they made it,” she said. “We are proud of them and appreciate how they have reached out to the community with this publicity.”

Lowe also thanked with his gratitude to all the families and supporters of the CCS band program.

“I want to especially thank all of the parents, grandparents and band supporters we have in our community for helping to achieve this goal,” Lowe said. “We couldn’t have done this without their votes. The parents were awesome, they shared it on Facebook many times and the grandparents shared it. That’s how we made it – thanks to our group family.

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