Candidate competition to empower SMEs for people


ANGLIMP South Waghi Open candidate Paul Andaku doesn’t believe in political parties.

Mr Andaku, who contested the Anglimp-South Waghi Open seat for three consecutive national elections, said the nomination under the political party banner to contest the election did not suit him so he was nominated as the candidate independent.

He said he had only three policies to implement if elected to represent the people of Anglimp South Waghi in the National Parliament.

Mr. Andaku said he would revive all dilapidated government infrastructure because it has been neglected for many decades.

He said there was no need to build any new infrastructure or facilities for the people of Anglimp-South Waghi, saying the facilities had already been built in colonial times and there was a need to make them revive.

Mr. Andaku, who is a former military man and known as “Ope Dam” in the Jiwaka dialect, participated in national elections in 2012, 2017 and 2022 as an independent candidate, said he would also promote SMEs that will directly benefit little people.

After retiring from the PNG Defense Force, Mr. Andaku worked with Porgera Joint Venture as a Community Affairs Manager, then retired and stayed at home and started his own business, but was called out. to work at the Laos mine in the Middle East as a safety officer trainer.

He hails from the Konoumpka tribe of Minj and is among five other candidates from the same tribe named to compete for the Anglimp-South Waghi Open seat.

He said the people of Anglimp-South Waghi need a voice in parliament in this election who will fight on their behalf and find funds everywhere and not just wait for funds (DSIP).


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