Colorado Parks and Wildlife opens hunting competition for beginners and mentors

Colorado Parks and Wildlife and opened submissions for its Take a Friend Hunting contest, where winners will receive prizes such as turkey calls and gun cleaning kits.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife/Courtesy Image

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has opened its Take a Friend Hunting contest, which offers prizes for multiple winners.

As part of the competition, experienced hunters are encouraged to take a novice out into the wild and submit a photo and a brief story about the experience. Submissions will be judged on their “ability to inspire,” according to a Parks and Wildlife press release.

To be eligible, mentors must be at least 18 years old at the time of registration, must hold a valid 2022 Colorado hunting license, and must have held a license at least three of the last five years. Novice hunters must also be 18 or older at the time of registration and hold a valid 2022 Colorado hunting license. They must also not have had a license before 2022, have had a license only in 2021 or not having had a hunting license for the last five consecutive years.

Prizes include turkey calls, gun cleaning kits, and waterfowl bags, among other items. Interested persons can fill out a form to participate in the competition at CPW.State.CO.US and registration will remain open until February 28, 2023.


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