Community Rewards Radar: Which July release was your favorite?

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Can you believe that July is practically over? Summer is raging, the baseball trade deadline is fast approaching, and August is almost upon us. Time passes. Thing is, that also means an entire month of movie titles have dawned on us. So, that gave me an idea for this weekend’s Awards Radar community question. Why not find out which movie(s) readers liked the most this month? Whichever movie appeals to you the most, we’re ready to hear about it. So whether it’s Marvel’s latest epic or the third Jordan Peleeverything is on the table.

This month, the two biggest headlines were definitely Nope and Thor: Love and Thunder. The first in particular is an obvious choice. My reviews are highlighted there, but did you like them? If not, was it something like Don’t make me go, A love song, Marcel the shod shell, Minions: The Rise of Gru, Mrs. Harris goes to Paris, Not good, The beast from the seaWhere Revenge. This is just a sample of the titles from July that someone might have liked.

Of course, the choice is yours. Whatever you liked the most in July, let us know. Even though it’s a more common answer like Nope, we still want to hear it. So, do not hesitate and let everyone know your preferences…

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Which July release was your favorite? Let us know!


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