Concept Royale Contest – Fun or Exploitation Contest?


Epic Games this week announced a new style of competition for Fortnite, a Concept Royale. It’s not an esports tournament that sees the best Fortnite players compete against each other or even a competition in creative mode. This is a design competition.

Fans will be able to submit their own ideas and concepts for Fortnite skins. The winning designs will be chosen to be skinned into the game. Fortnite skin concepts are a popular topic in the fan base, so naturally a lot of people are excited about it. However, it is worth considering what the concept actually offers. Some (including me) have criticized Concept Royale for not actually compensating the designers for their skins.

Concept Royale Contest

The Concept Royale Contest started on June 15e with the announcement of the concept. This gives players the option to design their own Fortnite skin. It will be part of a Winter 2021 event. So, while it is still summer, players should be looking for some winter-themed ideas for their skin. This contest is reserved for participants over 13 years old. You will need to submit the skin before July 11e also be taken into consideration.

The two best skins from this competition are going to be turned into real skins, released during this year’s winter event. There are a number of official rules limiting what you can submit. Most of them really only cover the obvious. It must be an original drawing, nothing that will involve other copyrighted ideas. You should also avoid brands or anything that could be considered offensive. These restrictions should probably be obvious. However, the Epic Games staff responsible for processing submissions will likely have to sort through a lot of troll entries as well.

The idea for Concept Royale is fun on the surface, but some of the opposition to it has come from the other side of the price. The two winning contestants will also receive a cash prize of $ 2,500.

What is a Fortnite skin worth?

The cash price for the assignment of all rights to your decision has been criticized in some circles. Essentially, because it’s a ridiculous price considering what you’re giving Epic. Fortnite has a lot of skins, but they make well over $ 2,500 per skin. It would have to be a badly sold skin to justify a full payment of $ 2,500, even just for concept and design. So many people have criticized Concept Royale for not being particularly fair to the winners.

Considering the number of professional skin concepts that are circulating on a regular basis, a fairer payment for the skin would really be expected from Epic. This is especially noticeable as this is not the first time they have found someone outside of the business in a skin.

We know that they regularly share cosmetic revenue for both licensed skins and, in a more comparable situation, the Fortnite Icon series. This is the set of skins based on popular Fortnite community streamers. Epic works directly with streamers to design their skins and then sells them in-game. The streamer receives a share of the proceeds, much more generous than $ 2,500. Considering that Epic is already paying for skin ideas and sharing the revenue, why is Concept Royale any different?

The competition has certainly seen its fair share of criticism already. However, many fans are still excited about the opportunity to get involved. For many, it’s just a chance to conceive full skin. It seems there are plenty of reasons for professional and aspiring designers to avoid this opportunity. Although, for others it will be a bit of fun.

I just hope Epic also has a full skin design contest and earns the designers a small share of the revenue from the skin, or even NFT the skin as an extreme rarity.


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