CU recovery teams with DCM services


CPU recovery, a PSCU company, has partnered with DCM Services, LLC, which provides data and contact management solutions for the mortgage and specialty debt recovery space, according to an announcement on Tuesday, June 8 sent by email to PYMNTS.

The partnership “has grown organically from a synergistic relationship” between the two organizations over the past few years. It will help credit unions (CUs) across the country, with the two organizations pooling their knowledge in the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry, according to the announcement.

“This partnership provides additional in-depth knowledge and experience which creates a win-win situation for our clients,” Wendy elieff, senior vice president, customer service and marketing, CU Recovery & The Loan Service Center, said in the announcement. “We look forward to working alongside DCMS to proactively increase account recoveries. “

CU Recovery will enhance its collection efficiency by allowing CUs to add additional services, leveraging DCMS systems to strengthen collections on probate inventory in addition to unlicensed inventory. Additionally, DCMS will offer its’ Survivor Sensitive Approach ‘to enhance its’ clients’ survivor experience’.

“DCMS is very pleased to partner with CU Recovery to provide a much needed recovery tool to the credit union space,” DCMS CEO Tim Bauer said in the announcement. “While our two companies each provide very specialized services, our partnership will be mutually beneficial for our credit union clients. “

The news comes as CU Recovery mentionned in April that it had collected a record $ 3 million in debt written off in March for its more than 850 credit union clients.

CU Recovery serves as a “full-service collection agency,” which works with both non-performing and written-off loans. The organization offers a set of third-party collection services. It worked with more than 2,700 UAs nationwide in 1990. PSCU supports 1,500 UAs representing more than 5.4 billion transactions per year, according to the announcement.

As previously stated, the CU Recovery and Loan Service Center announced in February that she had reinforced his relationship with Caisse populaire d’Advia.



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