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The Albury Tennis Association’s winter weekend pennant started with a host of tight competition in the first round. Despite a strong start from Thurgoona Flamingos, Albury’s Ben Tari, Nick Vicary and Michael Reid defeated them to win four sets and 45 straight sets and 29 games in the men’s first section. St. Patrick’s Hilfiger continued his summer premier form with Brock Dixon, Lachlan Graetz and Adib Golshan convincing the winners against the Wodonga Bulldogs, six sets to love. The closest match to the Second Section was between East Albury and Lavington, the latter losing by one. Rodney Wurtz and James Starr had an excellent first 8-1 win, but Ross and Gary Graetz combined to win the final 8-3 doubles match to secure the victory for East Albury. Albury Gold was beaten by Wodonga Bushrangers, five sets and 46 games to a 20 set and game, with John McVean and Terry McLean winning all three sets. St Patrick’s Black produced a similar result against the Thurgoona Sharks to win with five sets and 47 sets for one set and 33 games. Brenton Simpson and Matthew Graham won three sets each for the day. Forrest Hill Galahs won five sets and 42 games against the Wodonga Raiders, one set and 27 games, with Graham Wurtz and Paul Frankel unbeaten. ALSO IN SPORT: In the three-man section, Simon Farrell, Josh Dicketts, Leigh Gadd and Sam Paton of the Wodonga Pirates were tied on sets with the Thurgoona Wolves but won games 42-35. Thurgoona Bears defeated the Whites of St Patrick in five sets and 46 games. to one set and 29 games, as Jason Woodhouse and Damian Carroll won all three sets. Forrest Hill Blues was beaten by Glenly Gold in four sets and 43 games in straight sets and 35 games. Nathan Lowe, Charlie and Harry Frankel and Rowan M’Crystal of the Wodonga Eagles toppled Albury Swans four sets and 34 games in straight sets 30 games. The mixed section four and five competition saw Wodonga Bears defeat St Patricks in five sets and 46 one-set games and 20 games. After a slow start, Forrest Hill Swans won against the Thurgoona Panthers four sets to two, while St Patrick’s Red beat his teammates St Patrick’s Gold four sets to two. Meanwhile, in the women’s first section, Thurgoona Jade’s Alison Barrett, Tricia Baldwin, Chrissy Clark and Fiona Sutton overwhelmed Lavington Purple to win the day’s six six sets. Glenly topped Lavington Red, four sets and 42 straight sets and 29 games, with Kathryn McAllister starring for her team. Krystal Dicketts, Jenny Guy, Sandra Allen and Rhonda Wilson proved too strong for Walla Walla to celebrate a 6-0 triumph. The ladies in section two saw club rivals Wodonga Aces and Diamonds meet. Diamonds won with four sets and 38 straight sets and 32 games, inspired by Abby Quinlan. St Patrick’s yellow and blue fought each other, and yellow convinced the six-set winners. Our journalists work hard to provide local and up-to-date information to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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