Cyberdeck 2022 competition: a deck worn on the wrist with a hybrid interface


You would think that now that the Cyberdeck 2022 contest is over, we would stop writing about it. Sorry, but no – there were so many great entries that we can’t help but keep focusing on them. And this portable hybrid interface cyberdeck has a look that we love so much we can’t help but show it off.

We wouldn’t go so far as to call the “hgDeck” a PipBoy, but [Igor Brkić]The deck worn on the wrist of certainly bears some similarity to the To fall– famous terminal. In fact, this one’s design is based on his old hgTerm Raspberry Pi mini laptop, which honestly would have made a great entry on its own. But while the two versions share some similarities, the hgDeck seriously changes the form factor. In the stowed configuration, the Pi Zero W operates the primary display, a 3.5″ Waveshare TFT, using the resistive touchscreen interface. But with the flick of a finger, a motor flips the monitor over a set of pantograph links, exposing a compact Bluetooth keyboard. Another key tidies up the screen and takes you back to touchscreen-only operation.

There were quite a few wrist-worn decks in the final results of the contest, and although this one didn’t win, [Igor]The build of has got to be one of the coolest designs we’ve seen, one that almost feels practical in the real world.


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