DaQuan Jones’ first NFL game as a fan was a distinctive Bulls contest


The Buffalo Bills signed defensive lineman DaQuan Jones early in free agency.

He’s not exactly from western New York, but close.

From the Binghamton area, Jones knows Buffalo and the team’s history well. In fact, he saw a very distinctive Bills game live, in person, as a fan.

On September 9, 2007, Jones attended the Bills’ home opener against the Denver Broncos.

This game later became known as the one where Kevin Everett suffered a frightening neck injury during the half-time kickoff while attempting to make a tackle.

Fortunately, over time it has become a game known for its excellent results. Everett’s career was over, but he was able to walk again.

It was Jones’ first time in NFL action, he told the team website.

“I wasn’t really into football like that, believe it or not growing up,” Jones said. “But my high school coaches were die-hard Bills fans. They took me to a Bills game against Denver when I was in seventh grade. It was quite an experience and something that comes full circle, being in 9th grade and being able to play in Buffalo and this is the first game I’m in.

“I’ve been here many times,” Jones added. “For me, it gives me a very home feeling. We really feel like home. I can’t wait to go back to really explore it better.”

Jones, 30, was a fourth-round pick of the Tennessee Titans in 2014. He played there through 2020, signing with the Carolina Panthers for a year in 2021.

Last season at Carolina, Jones got a solid rating with Focus on professional footballa total of 66.4.

Jones had a sack and a tackle for loss last season.


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