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The agency wins the first Gold Award for its own rebranding Work Plus Victories for Toyota, McDonald’s and Smart & Final

The Telly Awards, which recognize excellence in video and television across all screens, announced this year’s winners, including seven for Davis Elen Advertising, one of the West Coast’s largest independent advertising agencies. .

The agency has won 36 Telly Awards since 2015, but never before has it won gold. In particular, this year marks another important milestone in the company’s achievements, as three of the agency’s victories this year are the result of work done on its own rebranding.

“It is an honor to be recognized by the Tellys and to receive these awards. I would like to thank our creatives for their unwavering dedication to their craft and the individual members of the accounts, media, broadcast and production team for contributing to this achievement. Culturally, we want to inspire, enrich and uplift all of our family members and times like this go a long way. – David Moranville, Co-President and Chief Creative Officer.

The other four of the seven Telly Awards that Davis Elen won this year have been split between his prestigious Toyota, McDonald’s, and Smart & Final customer list.

Davis Elen Publicity 2021 Telly Awards

Davis Elen Essence Video




In March 2021, Davis Elen reinvented his own brand. The agency dived deep into its past and present and reappeared with a new look, stronger positioning and a whole new attitude. When you visit daviselen.com, you are greeted with an animated video that is a visual expression of Davis Elen’s new brand mantra: Thinking that Matters. The concept was simple: if you want to promote your ability to create groundbreaking work for your clients, you should definitely be able to do the same for yourself. This is exactly what he did.

Toyota offer card theater: “Snowboard”


Toyota dealers in Southern California asked his agency to develop a one-of-a-kind creation for its new all-wheel-drive RAV4, but with the added challenge of making price the focal point of the advertisement. Thus, the concept of the revolutionary “Offer Card Theater” campaign was born. The stories are set against a stark white background with the critical offer message displayed prominently. By featuring the action INSIDE the offer card, it creatively presents the features and benefits of the Toyota RAV4 while the most recent promotion is continuously featured. To highlight both the versatility and the price of the RAV4, the agency has perfectly integrated a convincing promotional offer with snowboarders in the most “sparkling” place in the world, five minutes before the first chair on a day of powder snow in the mountains.

Intelligent and ultimate RedZoneRush ™


Davis Elen was commissioned by his client to introduce an integrated and proprietary campaign based on social content first in multiple markets. The goal was to convert followers into customers on one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year, the Super Bowl. Davis Elen presented the RedZoneRush ™ campaign, which was an interactive experience that engaged and entertained customers in the social space. Driven by hyper-relevant meme content, Davis Elen placed real-time comedic messages during Super Bowl LIV. The content generated over 12 million impressions and over 65,000 engagements across all platforms. With the success of the RedZoneRush ™ campaign, the agency has adopted and successfully implemented a new comedic tone on @SmartFinal social handles that continues to grow, engage and entertain its audience.

McDonald’s Helao


McDonald’s continues to revolutionize the way it reaches the Hispanic consumer. It’s something called “Fan Truths”. These truths reveal unique market information in a language spoken by people, not marketers. Davis Elen merged this idea of ​​real conversation with McCafé’s “The Pleasure Occasion” and created the catchy reggaeton beat “Helao”. It’s a familiar way of saying helado, which means cold in Spanish, and a cool way to add that touch of reggaeton to the message. Illustrated by the combination of song and dance, McCafé Iced Coffee becomes the “mental treat” that gets people moving.

Toyota hybrid


Davis Elen needed to get rid of the clutter of automotive advertising and, in particular, to capture the attention of the Asian consumer. Conducting first-party research on the Asian target audience, the agency identified the most compelling story to tell. It had to be something daring, colorful and brimming with life. Animation was the strategy, and subsequently, a great collaboration between the agency’s illustrators and the motion-graphics department blossomed. Southern California was the inspiration, from the color palette to the graphic style. The imagery takes the viewer from the Santa Monica Pier through the palisades of the Pacific to the mountains at sunset and finally downtown. The animation and graphics really let the Toyota models shine through.

About Telly Awards

The Telly Awards are the top prize honoring video and television on all screens. Created in 1979, the Telly Awards receive more than 12,000 nominations from 50 states and 5 continents. Entrants are judged by the Telly Awards Judging Council, an industry body made up of more than 200 leading experts including advertising agencies, production companies and major television networks, reflecting the multi-industry. screens that the Telly Awards celebrate. Partners for the Telly Awards include NAB, Stash Media, Production Hub and the Independent Filmmaker Project.

About McDonald’s Davis Elen
Davis Elen is a full-service independent advertising agency with $ 300 million in billing. Based in downtown Los Angeles, it also has four satellite offices across the country. Since its inception in 1948, Davis Elen has remained focused on one guiding principle: Think That Matters. The agency takes on the challenge of providing change solutions for its prestigious list of clients, including Toyota, McDonald’s, Lively, Smart & Final and The Alkaline Water Company. Whether it’s creative brand building services or marketing strategies designed to improve results, Davis Elen’s approach leads to thinking that will eliminate clutter and separate its customers from the competition. For more information, visit www.daviselen.com

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