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September 1, 2021

Alex woodie

The world of open source is changing rapidly, and it is no different on the IBM i platform, where open source is rapidly adopted by businesses large and small. IBM i professionals who want to keep up to date with the latest news may want to check out a community of open source IBM i enthusiasts that has been created on Ryver.

Ryver (pronounced “river”) is a next-generation communications portal that tackles Slack, Microsoft Teams, and others. Like chat rooms and mailing lists, Ryver allows people to have open discussions, as well as private and focused conversations. It is also possible to have voice and video calls, although this feature is in beta.

An IBM i Ryver group was formed in 2016. The group, accessible at, focuses on the topic of IBM i open source software, or OSS. In 2018, the IBMiOSS group was allowed to stay on Ryver for free, due to the feedback the group provided to Ryver and the fact that it is a non-commercial entity.

IBM i professionals will find a wealth of information about the IBM i OSS Ryver group. Have questions about YUM or about building Python modules on PASE with gcc? Having problems scaling IBM i ODBC Node.js? Want to send IBM i data to the ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana, although technically now called the Elastic stack with the addition of Beats)? You can find all of this at the IBMiOSS Ryver group.

Open source is the topic of discussion on the IBMiOSS Ryver site.

When logging into IBMiOSS Ryver, new users will find a menu on the left side, where they can access their account controls, navigate to different forums, search for content on forums, or interact with teams or other members that they need. ‘they decided to Track.

There are 14 active forums and a few dozen archived forums. When a user enters a forum, they notice two main flows: the chat and the topics.

Chat is a fluid conversation that anyone can contribute to. The chat log is listed in chronological order, with the most recent message at the bottom of the screen. Topics are more focused discussions that revolve around a certain thread. Users can create a new topic from any chat entry with just a few mouse clicks. (The Ryver platform also supports the ability for a user to create tasks from the chat window, although this feature is only available to premium Ryver subscribers, according to Ryver Technical Support).

Since the creation of the IBMiOSS Ryver group, it now has around 700 members. Among the people you’ll find on the IBMiOSS Ryver portal is Jesse Gorzinski, IBM’s commercial architect for open source for IBM i; he is also the administrator of the site.

“Many of you may already be familiar with the open source IBM i chat on Ryver,” Gorzinski said in a recent webinar. “If you are not, I highly recommend that you go there.”

As IBM i stores seek to modernize their systems, open source is poised to play a larger role in all relevant disciplines: application development, systems monitoring / management, security, high availability, business intelligence and analytics. . Sites like the IBMiOSS Ryver Group seem destined to become meeting places where experienced hands can learn about the latest techniques and share their hard-earned knowledge with people new to open source on IBM i.

There are plenty of other great sites to check out for IBM i conversations, including the IBM community, various LinkedIn and Facebook groups, and of course good ol ‘MIDRANGE-L. Some local user groups also allow chat, like COMMON does. For open source topics, the IBMiOSS Ryver group should be on your radar.


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