Drew Lock’s conspiracy theories? Don’t go, Broncos Country. Please. No.


If you’ve used conspiracy theories to defend your quarterback, he’s not a starting NFL quarterback.

But on. Keep on going. Are you saying Broncos coach Vic Fangio went to see Austin Scholttmann at halftime and secretly ordered him to step on Drew Lock’s foot.

Just like he directed Damarea Crockett, Lock’s college teammate in Missouri, to hide the exchange on 3rd-and-2 at Seattle 6.

Much like he made Pat Shurmur put aside the sexy action game stuff every time Lock entered the contest.

Are we so married to Team Drew or Team Teddy, after two preseason routs, that we put on foil hats and point fingers?

Hey, Lock put in some great throws in relief for Teddy Bridgewater late on Saturday night. That turnaround to Seth Williams in midfield – escaping the rush to the left while throwing with your right hand – was a thing of improvised beauty.

Dude also fumbled twice. He was uncertain in the red zone. Again.

Lock numbers with backups against the Seahawks: 9-for-14 passes, 80 yards, no touchdowns, no picks. Five discs, nine points, 1.8 points per disc.

Bridgewater, with saves against the Vikings the previous weekend: 7-for-8 passes, 74 yards, one touchdown pass, no pick. Two discs, 10 points, 5.0 points per disc.

Or is math a conspiracy too?

Look, I don’t have a dog in this fight. As for the vendetta between Team Drew and Team Teddy, I am part of Team Rodgers.

If the Broncos’ final game wins a Super Bowl, the quarterback who will lead them isn’t on that list just yet.

But what about the present? To reality? Heck, yeah, Lock has “more perks” whatever that means.

Fangio doesn’t care about the rise. He wants to keep his job. Or he should, anyway.

We’ve seen Lock and that advantage trying to keep up with the Chiefs. It is 0-3. In those three contests, he was picked five times while the Broncos blew up their collective doors.

Von Miler is in a year of contract. Courtland Sutton too. And Melvin Gordon. And Tim Patrick. And Kyle Fuller. And Bryce Callahan. And Kareem Jackson.

You are going there. Or as many “that” as you can extract from this list.

In two preseason games, the Denver defense has not allowed any touchdowns, nine points total (4.5 per game), averaging 242.5 yards per opponent per game, forced four takeaways and accumulated a pick-6. And The Vonster has yet to play a snap.

The Broncos know what they are.

Killer D. Run the ball. Take advantage of big games when they appear. Punt to win. And don’t put this D killer in terrible places by flipping the boulder.

Bridgewater was 3-for-3 on the fourth downs in Seattle. Was it ideal to be there? No, although two of these scenarios are within a yard or less. And we should never have come to this, because rookie Javonte Williams dropped a wide open pitch in the right flat in third and short.

Still, after the Broncos took a 14-0 lead, Team Drew looked at the scoreboard and got angry. Why does it need four tries? Why doesn’t Lock have the same opportunities? This thing is fixed!

Fangio after the game compared Bridgewater’s pocket consciousness to that of Tom Brady. As the enemies chuckled and the Twitter crowd moaned, the eyes don’t lie.

When the pressure came on Saturday night – and, yes, Seattle, like Minnesota, was seated many stars – Bridgewater felt it. He stepped forward and slipped into a better lane to throw. Little things, okay. But stuff we don’t always see from # 3 when protection goes to hell in a hand basket.

If one piece fails, the younger and faster Lock is more likely to make something out of nothing. He is also more likely to make mistakes. To play.

We love the players. Lifetime defensive coordinators who train for their job don’t.

If my choice is the lesser of two evils, fine. Give me the lesser. Give me someone I can trust in 4th and 5th in midfield. Is that enough to win the AFC West? Patrick Mahomes AFC West? Probably not.

But if I’m Fangio, that might be enough to make 10-7. Which might be enough to save my bacon.

Is it a low bar? You bet. Teddy can clear the low bars with the best of them.

And we get it. You want more. Damn, them too. But if you keep comparing Lock to Josh Allen, you’ll end up hurting yourself. Or the nearest piece of furniture.

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