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Former attorney general’s office spokesperson and chief attorney Matt Baca recently made an indisputable plea for driving under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs as part of a deal with city prosecutors.

“He has taken responsibility for this matter and is working with his family and the community to move forward,” Baca lawyer Kitren Fischer wrote in a message Tuesday.

The December 1 plea deal – which resolves accusations related to Baca being found sitting in his vehicle, which had crashed into a car parked on Garcia Street, in October – asks Baca to be in. supervised probation for 364 days and perform 24 hours. community service within 60 days, according to court records.

Baca had been charged with aggravated DWI – as well as reckless driving and disobedience – because he refused to take a breathalyzer test, which automatically results in an aggravated DWI charge. This charge was declassified and the related charges dismissed under its plea agreement.

Since Baca took over responsibility for DWI, the city has agreed to drop the aggravated DWI charge in exchange for a guaranteed conviction, Santa Fe City Attorney Kyle Hibner said in a statement. -mail sent by a city spokesperson.

“Matthew Baca was treated the same as other first offenders who are charged with DWI in Santa Fe City Court,” Hibner said.

Baca, who was put on administrative leave following his arrest in October, is also said to have lost his job.

“Matt Baca is no longer employed by the attorney general’s office,” Attorney General’s director of communications Jerri Mares said on Thursday.

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