Former UNC Tar Heel Basketball Player Hosts NBA-Style Skills Contest


When former UNC Tar Heel player Kris Lang opened a gym this summer in Belmont, he said it was not just a place to improve basketball skills, but also to be a part of. from the community.

This Saturday, the Kris Lang Sports Complex will host an NBA-style skills competition to raise money for his nonprofit, Build On Self Success, or BOSS for short.

There will also be food trucks, other games and vendors at the event, ranging from dietary supplements to wellness groups.

Lang, a four-year-old Tar Heel starter who played 16 years as a professional overseas, aims for his 24-hour gym to create a safe place for people who want an active lifestyle .

“It’s one of my top priorities to give back to the next generation,” Lang said. “It’s an event for the community.”


When: Starting at 1 p.m. on Saturday, October 1

Where: Kris Lang Sports Complex, 704 Brook Street, Belmont

What: 3-point shooting contest (open to all), skills contest (divided by age groups)

Cost: $25 for one event, $40 for both; people can register to participate on Saturday

Prize: $250 to winner, lower prizes for younger kids at skills competition

3 point shot

The snipers know of no age or gender restrictions, Lang said. Young and old, men, women, boys and girls will compete, he said.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 or 85, everyone competes at the same level on the 3-point contest,” Lang said. “There is no discrimination against someone who can play basketball.”

Skills competition

The skills competition will be a timed event and will involve ball handling. Age groups will include high school to adults, middle schoolers and elementary age players.

business hoopster

Basketball helped move the 6-foot-11 Lang from a Mr. Basketball career in North Carolina to Hunter Huss High School at UNC Chapel Hill.

Lang then traveled the world – making stops in Poland, South Korea, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Turkey, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Argentina and Uruguay, as well as some American spots – during a 16-year professional basketball career that ended in 2018. .

Lang, now 42, returned to Gaston County after his playing days and focused on his gym, after-school programs, non-profit organization and his motto, “Play like a BOSS. “.

“When you play a sport or just become more physically active, you can learn a lot about yourself, your friends, and help build a stronger community,” he said.

The 24-hour gym, which opened this summer, includes basketball courts and other exercise areas.

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