Fund your cause: Launch of a contest to generate interest in regional philanthropy


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A new initiative hopes to “ignite” interest in philanthropic giving in the central PA.

Monday, The Community Enhancement Foundation (TFEC) announced the launch of its first-ever Spark! contest and campaign.

Spark! aims to help people in the greater Harrisburg area achieve their philanthropic dreams, regardless of age, gender, income level or ethnicity.

The winner of Spark! will receive a $10,000 fund per area of ​​interest, where dollars will be used to support local nonprofits and empower them to make a difference in their communities for a cause they are passionate about.

“The word “philanthropy” is stigmatized. Many assume it is only reserved for a specific type of person, someone with a certain wealth and stature,” said TFEC President and CEO Janice Black. “Our vision in creating Spark! is to break down these misconceptions and show members of our communities that anyone can be a philanthropist and anyone can make a difference.

Spark! starts by asking people to think about what motivates them and the causes that matter most to them. They then submit it for the chance to create their own fund.

Submissions will be accepted until Thursday, June 30. Then, all verified entries will be open to the public for voting.

The five finalists with the most votes will move on to the closing round, where the public will vote for the final and select the winner. The official spark! the winner will be announced on Wednesday, September 7.

“TFEC exists to help all individuals make a difference and contribute to the charitable passions and dreams that drive them,” Black said. “Spark! is helping us spread that message and start encouraging the next generation of donors. We want everyone to feel empowered and know they can create real change in their community.

For details on how to enter, as well as eligibility requirements and Spark! contest rules, visit

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