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gon just hosted the 2022 Youth Big-Buck Contest Shoot-Out on July 29th during the Ag-Pro Outdoor Blast (see results). We saw another young hunter compete and win a BB gun shooting contest to win a $3,000 shopping spree at outdoor adventure and a hunting weekend Woods-N-Water Outfitter.

Thanks to our great sponsors, another youngster will take home this grand prize as the Youth Big-Buck Contest returns for the 2022-2023 Georgia Deer season.

In addition to these amazing grand prizes for the Shoot-Out winner, each weekly winner – all 17 weeks of Georgia stag season – also wins a Rough road outdoors 30-can soft cooler ($149.99 retail) and a superb LockedOn 360 Mobile Gun Vise ($169 retail) – which is a great tool for safer and more efficient hunting for all ages, but especially for children. And each weekly youth winner receives a one-of-a-kind personalized Shoot-Out jersey.

The Youth Big-Buck Contest is organized through the Truck-Buck Contest. There is no separate entry process. All children 15 and under who enter dollars through Truck-Buck are also automatically enrolled in gon Big Buck competition for young people. One membership, one registration process — entry into two separate contests.

The key is that the young person or a parent must have a gon subscription 24 hours before the male is killed. Competitions are a huge advantage for gon member families. We have dozens of parents each season trying to sign up and get a young hunter in after a buck has been killed, but by then it’s too late to participate. We also have grandparents trying to enroll a child. Unless that child is your dependent and living with you, they cannot enter under a grandparent’s subscription.

The entry process is simple. Go to, complete an online entry and upload three photos. Another great advantage of our Youth Big-Buck contest is that children who enter the contest have a high chance of having their photo published in gon.

Big Buck contest for young people What you need to know

1. One gon the subscription must come to the child’s home, not to a grandparent’s home. Obtain membership at or call 800.438.4663 at least 24 hours before a male is killed to be eligible.

2. Shoot a Georgia antler fallow deer this season.

3. Enter the dollar at or using the app that appears on page 66 of this issue of gon.

4. Have the rack marked at one of the gonnext spring’s post-season highlights.

5. If a youth wins one of the 17 weekly youth spots, they have earned a spot in the Youth Big-Buck Contest Shoot-Out at Outdoor Blast in 2023.

6. In the Youth Big-Buck Contest Shoot-Out, the top shooter with a BB gun will win a $3,000 shopping spree at Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna and a deer and hog hunting trip in Woods-N-Water with hosts Blaine and Dale Burley.


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