Gordon Denny gets $35,000 grant to buy new books


Gordon Denny Community School was successful in securing a $35,000 grant. (Derek Cornet/LarongeNOW Staff)

By Derek Cornet


June 20, 2022 | 5:00 p.m.

Gordon Denny Community School in Air Ronge is one of more than 30 Canadian elementary schools across the country to receive an Indigo Love of Reading Foundation grant this year.

The school celebrated the awarding of the $35,000 grant with a special school assembly on Monday. Principal Marlina Ballantyne explained that the grant will be paid out over three years, noting that Gordon Denny’s staff have been trying to get it for years.

“The grant is being used for schools that need to piece together old books, restock classroom libraries, and then fill them with books that students can relate to, connect with and connect with. identify,” she said. “We’re finding that a lot of our books aren’t living up to what they should be.”

Ballantyne mentioned that part of the goal is to improve students’ literacy and numeracy skills, as well as to purchase newer books with more up-to-date information. She added that there was also a need to refresh school libraries due to the general wear and tear on the collection.


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