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As part of his MLK In celebration of the week, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will present the 2022 Realize the Dream Awards to Batool Ibrahim and Judi gaiashkibos.

Presented at the university’s annual conference MLK Celebrating the week, the annual awards honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the vision of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The awards will be presented at the university’s awards ceremony MLK Memorial celebration, from 6 to 8 p.m. on January 19. Learn more about the celebration and others MLK Activities of the week.

Ibrahim is a senior student in global studies and political science, and president of the University of Nebraska Student Association.

She is an active member of the university’s student support services TRIO Scholarship Program, a federally funded initiative focused on the retention and graduation of underrepresented students. Ibrahim also served as a leader by getting involved in A SUN and the Black Lives Matter movement. Key contributions include service to people affected by the covid-19 pandemic and help raise awareness of sexual assault on college campuses nationwide.

In the nomination forms, Joyce Lehn, Assistant Director of Student Support Services with TRIO Programs, thanked Ibrahim for his leadership and work on difficult issues that impact the academic community and the nation.

“(Batool) is a person who has the compassion, empathy, courage and determination to stand up for (his community, his university, his peers, his friends and his family) and to create changes that will improve the lives of others. “, wrote Lehn. “She is a light to create change in the world, and during the process she serves as a mentor, role model and leader for others to see themselves, see themselves and see what is possible.”

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A national leader on Native American issues, gaishkibos is a director of the Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs and an enrolled member of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska.

For the past 15 years, she has worked to elevate and honor the legacy of Chief Standing Bear and Dr. Susan La Fleschete Picotte, two key Native American leaders in Nebraska. This work led to public statues of both – Chief Standing Bear in the we Capitol Visitor in Washington, DC, and both on Lincoln’s Centennial Mall.

She also actively defends the rights of indigenous women and children; is Co-Chair of the Council of Community Advisors for the Genoa Indian School Digital Reconciliation Project; and has supported several university-led projects and programs, ranging from book projects to multi-million dollar research/outreach initiatives.

The Office of Research and Economic Development nominated gaishkibos for this honor.

“A kind, humble, and influential community leader – and an invaluable partner to many of us at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln – Judi truly deserves this recognition,” the nomination letter reads. “We find it hard to think of another pioneer in our community who is so relentless in his commitment to diversity and inclusive excellence and modeling the ideals espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”

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