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A little news from the site for all of you who are loyal readers and followers of BC Bulletin. About two weeks ago, we unveiled our new Maroon and Gold forums, which are our way of commenting on articles, talking about British Columbia, and interacting with other BC Bulletin readers. It’s free, and we have almost 100 registrations already, but we would love to have you join the group.

The Maroon and Gold forums replace our commenting system for the time being. We found that the old comment was in a place on the website, under a bunch of ads, that no one could find, and we wanted to give you a more user-friendly experience. Plus, with a forum, topics are easy to find, and using the system should be a breeze for you. The forum already has a bunch of active users, and we want you to be next!

Here is your call to action.

1. Go to Brown and Gold Forums

2. Sign up for a free account

3. Introduce yourself (where you are from, class, etc.) in the Presentations section of the forum. You can find it here.

4. Find another topic that interests you and comment on it as well.

5. Bookmark the page and stop frequently

6. Every post from now on will have a link to the forums, click on it and go to the forums to talk about it with other fans!

We hope you take advantage of this new opportunity to create a huge community in British Columbia before the next football season. We will be using the boards for live chats and chats during games.

There is also a section for Premium users, who have signed up for BC Bulletin Premium. If you are a premium user and haven’t gotten access, be sure to send us a DM on Twitter or email us. Remember that the first month costs only $ 1, and every month.

See you on the Maroon and Gold forums!

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