Lady Gaga to win Oscar for Best Actress for “House of Gucci” [POLL]


MGM’s “House of Gucci” trailer was released last week, and based on that two-minute video alone, 41% of our readers are now thinking Lady Gaga will win the Oscar for Best Actress. “Uh! Gaga is one of the most UNDERRATED actresses in Hollywood, ”voted this passionate group. A larger selection of survey respondents – 51% – believe she will be nominated “but not win”. Conversely, the remaining 8% of voters say she will not be recognized at all because “that name for ‘A Star Is Born’ was a fluke.” Ouch!

Gaga plays Patrizia Reggiani in Ridley scottperiod film, an Italian socialite who is on trial for ordering the murder of her husband, Maurizio Gucci (Adam Pilot), in the 1990s. The character takes center stage in the trailer, with her wigs and accent already hot topics of conversation in the blogosphere. Other members of the A-list cast include Jared leto like Paolo Gucci, Jeremy Irons like Rodolfo Gucci, Salma hayek as Giuseppina “Pina” Auriemma and Al Pacino like Aldo Gucci.

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The pop star won an Oscar in 2018 for writing the song “Shallow” for “A Star Is Born”. She was also nominated for Best Actress that year, losing to Olivia colman (” The favourite “). Gaga’s inaugural Oscar nomination came in 2015 for writing the song “Til It Happens to You” for the documentary “The Hunting Ground”, which lost to the song “Specter” “Writing’s On The Wall”.

Our readers aren’t the only ones who think Gaga is a major contender who should be taken seriously in this year’s Oscar race for Best Actress. There are also our Experts from the mainstream media. Of those 15 pundits who gave their opinions on their early predictions for the Oscars, even a dozen believe Gaga will be nominated for the role. And these six predictions, she goes to win: Susan wloszczyna (Golden Derby), Shawn edwards (WDAF-TV Fox), Clayton davis (Variety), Joyce Eng (Golden Derby), Christophe rosen (Golden Derby) and Jazz Tangay (Variety).

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“House of Gucci” hits theaters on November 24. Here’s a look at some of the fun and fiery reactions from our forum posters to Gaga’s appearance in the movie trailer:

small03: The trailer has indeed met my expectations! Gaga looks great and I’m glad to see her in it.

Cinema expert: It doesn’t look like an Oscar movie at all. Maybe Gaga will be nominated if she campaigns, but that’s it.

winslets: Lady Gaga, Oscar winner! The mamacita is coming.

M: The trailer is like 80% Gaga lol. It is difficult to talk about the performance of other actors. And it’s also hard to say if that’ll be an Oscar nominee. But Gaga’s performance appears to be good.

mporter455: It’s definitely a Gaga vehicle. We suspected it, but the trailer really confirms it. Too early to say how it’s going to play out in awards season. He’s not your brooding, stoic Oscar nominee, so maybe that different tone will benefit him? Not sure, we’ll see.

estrelas: Gaga’s Italian accent was one of the best parts of the trailer and honestly about her performance. It doesn’t sound Russian at all. In fact, most of the Italians I met had a similar accent to Gaga as Leto or anyone else in this trailer.

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