Leafly announces contest to celebrate budtenders on International Budtender Day


SEATTLE – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Leafy Holdings, Inc. (“Leafly”), one of the world’s premier cannabis discovery markets and resources, has announced that tomorrow, October 20, 2021, it will commemorate the very first International Budtender Day, a new party celebrating and recognizing the budtenders, the cannabis dispensary workers essential to one of North America’s fastest growing industries: cannabis.

Earlier this month, Leafly launched a gift reserved for small budgets in tribute to the beloved budtenders around the world who play such a vital role in our industry. Tomorrow is the last day for budtenders to enter Leafly’s International Budtender Day Contest for a chance to win one of the prizes below. These awards include a scholarship or course offerings at the University of Oaksterdam, an institution where students can enroll in courses such as Business of Cannabis, Horticulture, Budtending Certification Program, CBD & Hemp, and Business of Cannabis Culture. . The winners will be selected on October 21, 2021.

A full list of contest giveaways includes:

  • A $ 2,500 scholarship to Oaksterdam University, the premier cannabis university and a leader in cannabis education and certification

  • Nine budtender certification courses at the University of Oaksterdam

  • 500 Leafly Budtender Exclusive Gift Packs

“Budtenders are at the forefront of cannabis and they do their job in an industry that is ignored and unaccounted for at the federal level and often faces the lingering stigma of prohibition. At the onset of the COVID crisis, budtenders continued to serve their communities, presenting themselves as the backbone of America’s newest essential industry. As the legalization of cannabis in the United States and Canada spreads around the world, at Leafly we want to implement a holiday that honors these vital workers in recognition of the skills, knowledge and service they provide. every day to cannabis customers. While 420 celebrates the power of cannabis as a plant, October 20 celebrates the power of budtenders to provide customers with the knowledge and products they need to experience the benefits of cannabis, ”said Laura Morarity, Senior Vice President marketing and communications at Leafly. .

Budtenders from the United States and Canada are invited to register here for a chance to win the competition prizes. To participate, budtenders will be invited to submit a short, unique reflection on how being a budtender has positively impacted their lives. In addition to the contest, Leafly is launching a set of Instagram giphy stickers on 10/20 for users to promote International Budtender Day on their own accounts. Follow us on all major social media platforms with the hashtag # Leafly1020.


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