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It’s that time of year when people take vacation trips or try to pick that vacation destination for 2023, but it’s no secret flights are expensive these days.

We went to Points Guy to learn how to do travel hacking.

Nick Ewen is the editor of thepointsguy.com, a website that teaches you how to travel by using points and miles through credit cards to redeem for travel. It also gives advice on the best times to travel.

“Do your best to be flexible. Usually leaving the Wednesday before Thanksgiving or coming home the following Sunday will be the most expensive times, but if you can extend your stay for a few days or maybe arrive a little the earlier and working remotely, the more flexible you can be with your dates, the better,” Ewen said.

Nick Ewen, editor of thepointsguy.com, explains how to travel.

Ewen said using price alerts when purchasing airline tickets can prevent you from overpaying.

“There are many sites, Google Flights is one of them that will allow you to set price alerts on flights you are looking to buy and then they will notify you when they drop to a lower price,” said said Ewen. .

Thepointsguy.com website gives advice on the cheapest days to travel.

Generally, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are cheaper, and the cheapest flight times are usually early morning or late evening flights.

“So people who are shopping for holidays, Christmas, all of that, it might make sense, even if you’re planning to pay off the credit card at the end of the month, put it on a card and that can help you get a few miles?

“And in fact, now is a great time to consider applying for a new card, because you can accumulate points and miles that can either be used for vacation travel or help you plan your vacation in 2023.”

Ewen said if you tend to travel primarily on one airline, you should consider getting their credit card to earn points toward free travel and other perks.

“Often these cards allow you and certain companions on your ticket to have free checked baggage. It can immediately save you $30, $60 or even $100 on a round trip flight just by holding one of their simple credit cards,” he said.

If you fly on different airlines, you might consider a rewards credit card.

“But if you’re someone who isn’t loyal to a particular airline, look for a card like a CapitalOne card or a Chase Ultimate rewards card or an American Express member rewards card. These are more general travel programs and will be some of the best options for those who want that flexibility. »

So book it, enjoy your savings and happy travels.


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