Luton man jailed for sexually messaging underage girls in online injection


Mohammed Hussain was jailed for three years

Mohammed Hussain was jailed for three years

Mohammed Hussain, 38, from Ivy Road, was jailed for three years at Luton Crown Court on Thursday, June 17.

Hussain came to the attention of the Bed Police in July 2020, following reports he had been having explicit conversations with two internet users he believed to be a 12 and 13-year-old girl.

Hussain began chats with the couple online, sending them a number of sexual messages as well as pornographic pictures and videos.

Following a six-day trial, Hussain was convicted of attempting to have sexual communication with a child and of attempting to get a child to watch a sexual act.

Emma Shipton, of the Bedfordshire Police Internet Child Abuse Investigation Team, said: “Child sexual abuse will not be tolerated in Bedfordshire and we are committed to fighting offenders for to prevent them from causing further harm, as well as to provide support and justice to the victims.

“I am happy that Hussain was sentenced to a term of imprisonment and that no victims were involved on this occasion.

“This case is a reminder of how predators use different forms of social media, online chats and online forums to target victims.

“We encourage parents and guardians to actively educate your children about the dangers of social media and online safety, make sure they feel comfortable talking about anything they see online that makes them uncomfortable.

“It also includes not talking to anyone they don’t know in real life, not sharing any personal information, and keeping privacy settings as high as possible.”

Parents can visit the Parents protect website for useful resources to help prevent child sexual abuse.

the NSPCC Share Conscious The website also contains tips and tricks on how children can protect themselves online.

If you have been affected by crime, the Signpost Hub offers free and confidential support to victims in Bedfordshire, whether it has been reported to the police or not, and regardless of where and when the crime was committed.

In an emergency, always call 999.


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