Macerich plans partial redevelopment of FlatIron Crossing


Concept plans for the partial redevelopment of the FlatIron Crossing shopping center call for the demolition of much of the southwestern portion of the complex and the construction of up to 60,000 square feet of new retail space, up to 800 multi-family units , offices and a hotel.

The owner of the Macerich Co. mall, based in Santa Monica, Calif., Has been planning to redevelop parts of the mall for some time.

A rendering of the proposed redevelopment of FlatIron Crossing looking north at the FlatIron Crossing shopping center, which will remain intact. (BizWest / Courtesy Image)

The area undergoing redevelopment is currently known as Le Village. The FlatIron Crossing shopping center itself would remain intact. The same is said for some businesses in the village, including the AMC theater, 2nd & Charles second-hand bookstore, Red Robin and PF Chang’s.

“It’s going to be a lot more of an urban feel, which is really what’s happening all over the more traditional retail spaces,” said Jeff Romine, Director of Development for the Town of Broomfield.

Much of the new construction will be built over existing parking lots, so that a parking garage of around 540 spaces would also be built.

A project concept review meeting with Broomfield City Council is scheduled for July 20.

This is the latest redevelopment effort in the region. Work is underway for the redevelopment of Flatiron Marketplace east of FlatIron Crossing. Flatiron Marketplace has struggled for years with several vacancies. Its $ 210 million redevelopment will include more than 1,000 multi-family units and a limited number of commercial spaces.

“What’s really exciting (the redevelopment of FlatIron Crossing) is that here we are in a time where retail is evolving and changing, and one of the major owners of retail space is convinced enough of our market that he wishes to reinvest, ”said Romine. “The mall has been around for about 20 years, and they would like to invest and move it forward.”

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