Mendota Freeze Contest Continues In Exceptionally Hot Weather


MADISON, Wisconsin (WMTV) – Oddly warm temperatures this year have extended the Clean Lakes Alliance competition for people to predict when Lake Mendota will become completely frozen over.

In order to win the Mendota Freeze contest, people have to predict the exact date the lake will freeze completely for a chance to win a $ 1,000 Land’s End gift card.

The lake water conservation and improvement non-profit organization is hosting the competition so people can understand how complicated the freezing process is for Madison Lakes.

Clean Lakes Alliance Marketing Director Adam Sodersten said it also draws attention to the economic impact of Lake Mendota and Monona on the community during the winter.

“It’s fun because everyone loves to talk about the weather,” he said. “Everyone is thinking, ‘Hey! I have my own little tricks or trades when I think it’s cold and when I think it’s going to happen. Here in Madison, instead of just talking about the weather, we can also talk about the lakes and so it’s a great way to keep talking about the lakes all year round.

Sodersten said the average freezing date for Lake Mendota is December 20.

If the lake freezes temporarily, it doesn’t count as a victory for whoever chooses the date. The Wisconsin State Climatology Office must declare that 90% of the lake has been frozen in the long term.

To submit an estimate, people can go to the Clean Lakes Alliance website here.

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