Modiphius announced the purchase of the Master Of Dune campaign book


Modiphius Entertainment said their new campaign book will be available on Dune: Adventures In The Imperium along with Master Of Dune. This book is separate from the core rulebook where it will be immersed in a specific scenario with its characters. You can travel across the Imperium and leave Arrakis to gain support from your enemies. You can play any section in any order, as it is up to you and other players to tell the story and ultimately determine whether your house is victorious or conquered . This book is now selling for $50, along with a collector’s edition that has yet to be listed in the store.

Credit: Modiphius Entertainment

Arrakis has no wealth, but you have to fight to keep it. No choice you choose will give a better chance for the future of your home. Are you strong enough to survive in the sands of Arrakis? Masters of Duneis is an epic 166-page campaign that can run on its own or as an ad-hoc extension of theDarks. Play as the famous Nagara house or create a new house that you can match Arrakis. In nine explosive chapters, your character will get the following:

  • If you can navigate their mysterious customs and rituals, seek out the most trusted Fremen in the world.
  • Join the mysterious guild with exciting space battles; battle deadly pirates in a void between worlds in the void between two worlds, alienating and extinguishing.
  • Visit the dangerous house of Harkonnen in the industrial hell of Giedi Prime, where poison and betrayal lurk behind every corner.
  • I use my spice to counter the Imperium’s unsatisfying annoyance, though it will never be enough to satisfy the known Universe’s hunger.
  • Believe in the truth of Bene Gesserit, to pass your mortal tests and prove yourself worthy of the Tenth King’s trust.
  • Policy on Kaitain vs. Emperor and Council of Landsraad where you can play one side against the other, if you have a skill for such taint.
  • Travel across the Imperium from Arrakis to seek out new allies, resources, and favors that could tip the balance of power in the universe, and bestow new powers and gifts.

Credit: Modiphius Entertainment


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