Napa Valley College awards its first LGBT studies diplomas | Education


Thompson, who identifies as a lesbian, said she started NVC in the spring of 2019, believing she would specialize in child development. But taking a compulsory Level 100 course with Greg Miraglia opened her eyes to history and culture and she wanted to learn more, she said.

“I continued to take classes,” she said, “and I was able to learn not only to be myself as a person, but also to support people who are like me. “

To complete the degree, Thompson said, she learned the fundamentals of the LGBT community and the data, laws, policies and politics that shaped it. She and Potter also took courses in sociology, psychology, child development, and philosophy, in addition to the typical general education courses.

She is possibly considering transferring to San Diego State University to earn a bachelor’s degree in LGBTQ + studies, although she is also considering San Francisco, Hawaii or Las Vegas, the latter two, she said. , due to the high rates of trafficking of LGBTQ youth. .

One of the things she would like to teach clients at her youth center, she said, is “personal safety and awareness, like what to do and how to protect yourself.”

These kinds of results are exactly what the Miraglia coordinator envisions with the curriculum. “The two students who receive this degree are truly exceptional and have already demonstrated on campus the skills and knowledge they have acquired through the program.


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