Ongoing delivery delays are hurting tri-state area businesses, raising concerns about holiday shopping – CBS New York


MORRISTOWN, NJ (CBSNewYork) – Continued delivery delays are hurting local businesses and raising concerns ahead of the holiday season.

Today, local leaders are calling for action to address the crisis.

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The Just Jersey store in Morristown is just one of many places where the global shipping crisis is hitting home.

“I think we’ll have limited quantities of some of our best-selling items,” store co-owner Tina Bologna told CBS2’s Dave Carlin.

Balogna is experiencing a slowdown. Some of its vendors lack candle wax, napkin cloth, and glass. Materials and products are set at sea.

“If something that usually takes days takes weeks to happen, by Christmas there will be a lot of empty Christmas trees and sad Hanukkah nights, and parents across America will be writing more Christmas cards. recognition of debt than ever before, ”said Congressman Josh Gottheimer. , from New Jersey, said.

Gottheimer was standing near the waters off Newark, where, at one point, one or two container ships are held up for a day or two, waiting for space.

The problem is much worse in Southern California, but everyone is affected by soaring container shipping prices.

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“Ten times more than before to pack one of these containers… And think about what happens. All. Everything from fans and shoes to clothes and toys, ”said Gottheimer.

Gottheimer said America needs to develop more manufacturing here, and the world’s top five shipping companies, all based overseas and sometimes seemingly out of reach, need to be investigated.

“They claim supply and demand… Any economist will tell you that these prices are way beyond natural market trends,” he said.

Retailers big and small are telling shoppers if they think they have proven holiday shopping strategies they might want to rethink them.

“I think if you see something and really like it buy it now because it might not be there when you get back,” Bologna said.

“I just ordered a book for my grandson this morning. I saw it was advertised, so I went ahead and ordered it, ”said Beverly Burton, a Morristown resident.

Shipping is slow, but Burton is quite the opposite, energetic about holiday shopping right now.

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Gottheimer says the Federal Maritime Commission needs to step up efforts to monitor major shipping carriers to find out whether collusion and predatory pricing is taking place.


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