Overwatch players enraged as new voice chat issue mutes everyone


Overwatch players have been left to fend for themselves as a new voice chat issue keeps everyone muted in both fast-paced and competitive games.

If you’ve been having trouble trying to speak with your team in Overwatch lately, you’re not alone. Players around the world have reported a major voice chat bug that has taken Blizzard’s hero shooter by storm.

If you were hoping to communicate with your team, you will have to think again because the microphones are supposed to be muted. Regardless of your settings or input device, in-game chat has become impossible as this bug is rampant.

It is not known how this error came into effect, although rest assured Blizzard is already on the case.


Text chat is currently the best way to communicate in Overwatch.

Communication is obviously a key part of any multiplayer experience. Whether you are relaxing in a casual game or implementing a complex strategy in competition, being able to chat with your teammates is essential.

Without the option, players are simply on their own. This was the case recently in Overwatch when the voice chat bug escalated on September 26.

Dozens of gamers have posted their issues on social media as the “perma-mute” issue has become more prominent.

This critical flaw appears to prevent players from fully joining voice chat. Whether you try to speak in your team chat or in the match chat instead, the microphones are muted in all areas.

Not only is this impacting PC teams, console gamers have also been silenced.

“Next to my name, it shows that I’m muted, even though I have all of my chats,” one player explained on Reddit.

At the moment, text chat appears to be the only viable method of communication in Overwatch. Although players don’t have to wait too long for normal voice chat to be restored.

Blizzard is already well aware of the problem and is working on a fix.

“Our Overwatch engineers have identified the problem and are working on a solution to get voice chat back to work,” a developer replied on the Blizzard forums.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated here as a fix for the voice chat issue is rolled out.


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