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We recently hosted our Awesome 4-H Outfit Contest. Frink-Chambers hosted an in-person event for their club and everyone else submitted entries for our virtual awesome dress contest. The results of these events were as follows:

Frink Rooms:

Junior (3rd to 7th year)

Grand Champion:

Wear-Aybree Liebfried Dress

Active Sportswear-Hailey Stephan

Western Wear-Marley Mitchell

Casual wear-Sara Kellogg

Senior (8th and over)

Casual Wear & Active Sportswear-Deacon Boatright

The ribbon winners were:

Green participation ribbons (Clover-buds grades K-2) –

Piper Moore, Sadie Miller

Blue Ribbons – Aybree Leibfried (2 ribbons), Mykie Haney (2), Caroline Calaway (2), Brayden Cain, Sophie Eaton (2), Sabyn Gaither (2), Ally Shannon (2), Jayde Lee (2), Hailey Stephan (2), Kylee Kincade (2), Ruby Kellogg, Brylee Leibfried (2), Cooper Bryant (2), Kenadice Austin (2), Makensey Shelton (2), Aubrey Lee (2), Jayton Burks (2), Presli Angeli (2), Aubrie Moore, Marley Mitchell (2), Carsen Smith (2), Leigha Moore, Sara Kellogg, Deacon Boatright (2), Bentley Edwards, Preston Suttles, Ava Aldridge, Rylan Upton.

Impressive County Virtual Dress Results:

Grand Champion:

Junior Active Sportswear-Jaylee Kelso, Quinton

Junior Casual Dress-Blare Beare, Hartshorne

Junior Dress – Shane Francies, Clover Power

Junior formal wear-Mikayla Mize, Hartshorne

Western Clothing Junior-Blare Beare, Hartshorne

Senior Active Sportswear, Casual Wear & Wearable Wear-Shannon Francies, Clover Power

The ribbon winners were:

Green Participation Ribbons-Haileyville-Aleah McGuire (3), Rylee McGuire (3),

Clover Power-Mykie Shields (2).

Blue ribbons-

Clover Power-Mariska Shields (2), Shane Francies (3), Shannon Francies (3)

Haileyville-Ragan Kirkes (3)

Hartshorne-Blare Beare (5), Brynlie Haynes (4), Jace Konsire, Kruz Woods (4), Mikayla Mize (4)

Quinton-Jaylee Kelso (5)

Will Rogers-Noah Few (4)

For more information on these and other 4-H events and activities, please call us in the office at 423-4120 or email me at [email protected]

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