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The Park Rapids-area high school held a Minnesota State High School League Subdivision Ensemble Music Contest on Wednesday, February 23.

According to band teacher John Cook, nine schools have brought sets to perform and members of the Park Rapids band have performed in six events.

“It was a strong day of musical creation,” he said. “All groups performed well.”

The students who received top marks in the February 23 subsection ensemble music competition were, from left, Kyla Mercil, Jillian Neubauer, Levi Trygstad and Isaac Hertig.

Contribution / John Cook

The trombone duo of Levi Trygstad and Isaac Hartig, the flute duo of Jillian Neubauer and Kyla Mercil, and Kiergon Wilkins on drums received “excellent” ratings.

The trumpet duo Anna Eckman and Mackenzie LaFerriere and the clarinet ensemble of Jack Worner, Harmony Trygstad and Cate Worner received “top” marks for their performances.

Jack Worner, left, and Cyprian Little performed for commentary only (no score) at the Subsection Ensemble Music Competition on February 23.

Contribution / John Cook


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