PDP to contest all elections in Trinidad and Tobago



FILE PHOTO: PDP political leader Watson Duke.

Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) political leader and deputy chief secretary Watson Duke has revealed that the party intends to run in every election in that country after its landslide victory over the National People’s Movement (PNM) in the December 6 elections to the Tobago House of Assembly (THA). .

The PDP, which was established in 2016, won 14 of the 15 constituencies in the elections.

Duke, who is also the outgoing President of the Public Services Association (PSA), made the revelation in a video Thursday as he vacated his office at the association’s headquarters in Abercromby Street in Port of Spain.

He is expected to formally step down on December 31 to take up a full-time role as Deputy Chief Secretary and Member of the THA Assembly for the Roxborough / Argyle constituency.

Industrial relations professional Leroy Baptiste has been appointed the new president of PSA and will take office on January 1, 2022.

Armed with the resounding victory of the PDP, Duke said that the influence of the PDP as a political party will be felt in Trinidad.

He told his detractors that he would not be defeated.

“There is nothing you can do to me to weaken me. I was built for this. I was made for this and for those in Trinidad who are looking for a choice, I want you to know that the PDP will be coming to Trinidad very soon, “he said.

“And when we come, then you’ll know it’s a different type of thing because we don’t have members in the PDP. We have Spartans. The other organizations have members but the PDP, we do. no members. We have Spartans. “

He added: “We intend to challenge every election in Trinidad. It’s Trinidad. It’s Tobago. We must seek to create a new relationship that will see Tobago and Trinidad as true partners. Not a primary partner and a junior partner. We want to create a true union that has meaning and allows citizens to access all services without fear or favor, affection or malice, a red party card or a yellow party card. “

Duke said that despite what its “enemies” say, the PDP has always won elections by an overwhelming majority.

“See what they did in Tobago. They talk, talk and what happened, they got licked like fire.”

He added that his list of Game Changers won the last PSA election as well.

“In the last PSA election they talk about this, they talk about that. What they didn’t say is what they forget to say and they got licked like fire.”

Duke recalled that he contested the PSA election in 2009 and became president “to defend the interests and welfare of all members of the PSA” and to resolve issues affecting public officials.

He said he was sad to be leaving.

“But for the thousands of workers who know and love me, I want to say that I love you too.”

Duke assured members that under Baptiste’s leadership the PSA would be in good hands.

“Mr. Leroy Baptiste is like a brother to me and we have spent many years at WASA working together, fighting on behalf of the workers. “

Duke also pledged to continue to support the working class in his role as deputy chief secretary of the THA.

“As Deputy Chief Secretary and Chief Servant, I will continue to speak on behalf of the workers whether I am the Deputy Chief Secretary or not, because workers are the backbone of any country. and I don’t know how to betray the workers. “


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