Pigasus Pictures Seeking Nominations For High School Screenwriting Competition


Indiana-based film company Pigasus Pictures is accepting entries for short scripts written by high school students in Indiana.

For the fifth year in a row, Pigasus’ team of professional filmmakers will select a winning screenplay, then bring a film crew to the high school student’s town and fully produce their film. Students from schools in the region will be invited to work on images alongside professional filmmakers.

“We really want young people to know that if you’ve never written a screenplay before, that’s okay,” said Zachary Spicer, CEO of Pigasus. “We want to tell real stories about the real experiences of young people growing up in Indiana. Keep it simple, look around, and just write down what you know.

John Armstrong, co-owner of Pigasus, said that growing up in Indiana it often feels like the movie industry is so far away.

“But with Project Pigasus, we are bringing the film industry to their doorstep,” he said.

Previous winners include Kira Daniels of Madison, Whitney Roberts and Cynthia Foulke of Fishers, Marjorie Abrell of Spencer and Sam Stanton of South Bend. Previous winners have described the experience as “a life changing”.

The deadline for submissions is February 5th. For more information and to enter the competition, visit projectpigasus.org.

The film will be produced at the end of the school year. The completed film will be shown in theaters across Indiana, submitted to film festivals across the country and then made available for streaming online.

Since 2015, the producers of Pigasus have proven their dedication to growing the entertainment industry in Indiana, having produced a plethora of feature films and short films as well as starting their non-profit company, Pigasus Institute. , the production entity of Project Pigasus, opening a studio production in Bloomington and the creation of the Bloomington Academy of Film and Theater in 2019.

“There are a lot of really skilled and talented people in Indiana,” Armstrong said. “A lot of our job is just connecting them and creating new opportunities. And most of all, we want to show kids that cool things are happening in Indiana and that their stories are worth telling. “

Pigasus Pictures has produced acclaimed Indiana feature films “The Good Catholic” (with Danny Glover and John C. McGinley), “Ms. White Light” (with Judith Light and John Ortiz) and “The Miseducation of Bindu” ( with David Arquette) and the films “The Duel”, “Runner” and “So Cold the River”, all scheduled for release in 2023.

For more information, visit pigasuspictures.com.


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