P&I’s Sophie Baker wins top CFA UK journalism awards


London-based international news editor Sophie Baker Pensions and investmentsreceived top honors at the 2022 Journalism Awards from the CFA Society of the UK

Ms. Baker edits and publishes institutional investment and financial management reports around the world. The CFA UK scheme, now in its 10th year, rewards articles by journalists that highlight ethical and professional standards in the UK investment industry.

Ms Baker, one of five journalists to be recognized, was named CFA UK Trade Journalist of the Year for her April 19, 2021 article, “Debate over changes to listing rules rolls UK”

Ms Baker’s story focused on the division between fund managers and market participants over whether recommendations to change UK listing rules were a good idea from the perspective of view of governance and the right way to attract more capital to London.

The UK Listings Review, published in March 2021, was launched by the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer in 2020 to ensure the UK can withstand ‘strong competition as a financial centre’ from the US, Asia and elsewhere in Europe, a document from the critics said.

In a June 30 press release from the UK’s CFA Society, program judge Jane Fuller said: “The debate, following the Hill review, over whether the registration rules in the UK should be eased to attract business to the London market has been both fierce and principled. Sophie Baker’s article stood out for its clarity and balance on this highly relevant topic.

The company noted in its press release that the prices were determined by reviewing multiple anonymous submissions from major national and investment publications. The judging panel was made up of volunteers from among CFA UK members.


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