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After a three-week run, it’s the weekend curfew in the capital, at least for now, under the latest guidelines from the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA). It appealed to city dwellers, who say they can finally spend a relaxed weekend outdoors. Here’s what’s on their to-do lists for this curfew-free weekend!

Restaurants take pride of place, as restaurants are also reopened, with 50% occupancy. “Sabse pehle main koi fancy si jagah by jaakar khaaunga,” says Delhi-based Nishchay Verma. “It’s been so long…ab toh bahar ki daal bhi shahi paneer lagegi,” Verma jokes.

And then there’s Priyanshi Goyal, a final-year student at Delhi University, who called her friends to schedule a meeting as soon as news broke of the sidewalk relaxation. “I meet my friends in shopping malls in Saket. We will have a nice shopping session and a lunch, all in complete safety. Poore din ghoom kar ghar aayenge, but not without our usual gol gappe or ice cream stopover. We missed those things so much,” she says.

Some who have exhausted their list of recommendations for OTT are eager to head to theaters. Sapna Sharma Bhagwat, a Rohini-based housewife, says, “I’m tired of watching stuff on OTT. I keep jumping from platform to platform just to entertain myself and my family on weekends. Fortunately, the cinemas opened with 50% occupancy, so we planned a cinema outing!

Also on the weekend to-do list of relieved Delhiites is escaping an overdose of family time. Suryanshu Bepari, a DU student, shares, “The whole week is dedicated to online lessons and assignments. On weekends, it’s time to catch up with friends and spend time away from parent instructions. Now I can go out again. But, masking up and following other safety protocols are still crucial, balancing fun and safety.

Gaurav Verma, a professor at Lakshmibai College, DU, is also happy to be able to take a breather after hectic weekdays. His plans for the weekend? Meet his animal friends and head to the bookstores. He shares: “The first thing I want to do, now that the weekend curfew has been lifted, is to feed the cows, rabbits, ducks nearby… I’m afraid that they forget me! And I’d love to go back to reading and browsing bookstores, which is so much a more lively experience than ordering online to read at home.

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