Powerlifter Amanda Kohatsu Wins NPC Iron Games Bodybuilding Physics and Open Figure Competitions


What a performance Amanda Kohatsu performed at the Muscle Contest’s National Physique Committee (NPC) Iron Games on November 13, 2021. The weightlifter traded a barbell for a bikini to take the stage in Anaheim, Calif. She won the Women’s Physique and Open Figure competitions when she debuted in bodybuilding.

Check out the photos of the package Kohatsu brought to the bodybuilding stage below, courtesy of his Instagram page. She brought broad shoulders with a strong V-taper, associated with an excellent separation in her quads which forced the judges to place her at the top of the general classification:

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According to Open weightlifting, Kohatsu made his competitive powerlifting debut in 2016 with a second place finish at the United States Powerlifting Association’s (USPA) Southern California Open.

I took part in my very first Muscle Contest Iron Games bodybuilding show! I ended up taking the whole female physique and open figure!

Kohatsu has participated in a total of six sanctioned raw encounters and finished on the podium each time, including three wins. Here are his current finishes in powerlifting between the 67.5 kilogram and 75 kilogram weight classes:

Amanda Kohatsu – Powerlifting career

  • 2019 USPA Lock it Out Barbell Desert Wars – First place
  • Super training classic of the South Powerlifting Federation (SPF) 2019 – First place
  • 2017 USPA National Powerlifting Championships – Third place
  • 2017 USPA Orange County Deadlift Classic – Second place
  • 2017 USPA California State Powerlifting Championships – First place
  • 2016 USPA Southern California Open – Second place

The best elevators in Kohatsu’s competition were marked in his most recent competition – 2019 USPA Lock it Out Barbell Desert Wars:

  • Crouch – 192.5 kilograms (424.4 pounds)
  • Press bench – 107.5 kilograms (237 pounds)
  • Deadlift – 222.5 kilograms (490.5 pounds)
  • Total – 522.5 kilograms (1,151.9 pounds)

Below are before and after photos of Kohatsu after his cut to take a look at his bodybuilding debut:

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Kohatsu said Barbend that she was initially planning to prepare for a meeting in early 2020, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She lost access to her gym and put on weight while everyone was in quarantine from the start. She ended up building a home gym and doing her cardio outdoors.

The weight started to drop and I was motivated to… get in better shape before returning to powerlifting. I was wondering if I could try physical competition!

When the inspiration to try bodybuilding hit, Kohatsu enlisted the help of her husband, Tee Popoola, who had been involved in the sport as a competitor and trainer for 18 years. Her diet did not involve any “specific dietary restrictions or meal plans,” she simply met her macronutrient goals and adjusted as needed to improve digestion (eat less processed foods).

About three months before the Iron Games, Kohatsu reduced the lifts to compound in order to “avoid injury” and to ensure that she does not appear too muscular for the Figure category. His workout included progressive overloading with single-joint exercises and machine props performed before performing compound lifts.

Kind of a reverse version of my powerlifting workout.

In the caption of her Instagram post which split her two-division victory at the NPC Iron Games, Kohatsu smashed a barbecue and a donut, which put her in a “food coma” but would be back in the gym the following Monday. after the competition to “prepare the next show”. We’ll see if she can reverse her winning performance with a more precise and even more conditioned package the second time around at the NPC Nationals in Orlando, Fla.

Featured Image: @haparic on Instagram

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