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A lack of refereeing resources has forced the North West Umpires Association to stop providing referees to NWFL Girls and Under-16 games. The decision came ahead of last weekend’s round of matches, with clubs now being asked to provide their own referees for these two age groups. While acknowledging that abuse from some parents and officials had made Sunday’s fixtures a more difficult task for the referees, especially the younger ones, NWUA President Cameron Hingston said on Tuesday the decision was only made. due to its lack of numbers. “It’s more the fact that we are using the juniors for development and at the moment we have a minimum of field officials who need to be developed,” he said. “We’re now moving towards using the Under-18s as a development for our umpires.” But at the end of the day, with such a shortage of numbers, we just don’t want our guys to burn out. “If they have a senior game on a Saturday, they don’t want to double down on a Sunday or if not, it’s going to be around 13 or 14 and we’re just going to have injuries.” But the main reason was the development point of view. and although we have umpires on the pitch coming up, they don’t benefit from umpiring on a Sunday. ”Hingston said the association would need an“ influx of umpires ”to get back to umpiring. junior games. “It’s disappointing that not all juniors can have this, but in the end we have to do what’s best for the referees and we can’t expect them to double every week and burn their bodies, “he added. He admitted that this was something the The association had been studying since the first round, with last week seeing the situation reaching the breaking point. ALSO IN SPORT The next two key weeks in the women’s representative match countdown Brodie Ellis continues in the Tasmanian MX Championships Breakers remained bitter after losing Tassie’s last game to Wynyard Wayne’s former junior development manager Elphinstone, who is currently the manager of the Cats’ Under-16 team, said that while it was disappointing, it was an understandable conclusion. “It’s understandable because it’s an aging population of umpires with no real youngsters and that’s the sad thing, ” he said.“ The former umpires do a great job and I guess some would run , seven, eight or nine kilometers on a Saturday, old people who would be 45 or 50 and then turn around and go back on Sunday and then work Monday through Friday too. “So it’s hard work for them and we just need to have more umpires somehow.” However, he believed there would be a negative impact on player development, especially if they stepped up and played at the representative level. where it would be a different environment. He also conceded abuse of the sidelines by some who had to stop, some being “too involved” in the game. He believed the decision would stretch the clubs as they try to supply their own referees. The solution for him would be for senior players to officiate, which would help younger players respect officials if they were already someone they idolized. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content: Follow us on Google News Sign up for The Advocate’s Footy Email Newsl etter here




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