Reignmakers Football CORE Contest Breakdown


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Reignmakers Football CORE Contest Breakdown

CORE Contests are a great opportunity for new players to dip their toes into the Reignmakers Football community.

If you’re new to Reignmakers, NFT CORE Player Cards are the most common of the five tiers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t win great prizes using them!

There are currently two main types of CORE contests DraftKings.

CORE Classic

The first type of contest is Reignmakers Football Classic – CORE. There are a variety of subcategories for these contests, such as Featured Star, Field Pass Special, and VeeFriends League.

The roster requirements for Classic CORE contests are a maximum of five CORE players.

Want to try out a Classic CORE contest? Join in the fun here.

Basic clash

The second type of competition is Reignmakers Football Showdown – CORE. Just like classic contests, there are different types of Showdowns. The roster requirements for Showdown CORE contests are a maximum of four CORE players.

The Classic and Showdown versions also have a maximum of one Superstar player.

Want to try out a Showdown CORE contest? Get in on the action here.

If you want to take it up a notch while using CORE players, some RARE Reignmakers Football contests require them in the queues!

Everything you need to know about each CORE contest can be found in the multiple tabs of the contest description. From an overview of the overall contest to the payout structure, we’ve got you covered.

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