RFA: The Ethanol Days of Summer free fuel contest continues


The Renewable Fuels Association Days of Summer Ethanol Contestwhich offers free fuel to participants for report prices of E15 and E85, continues through Labor Day. Each week, RFA awards $250 in free fuel.

“Even though the price of fuel has dropped in recent days, we are still experiencing abnormally high prices at the pump, and higher blends of ethanol like E15 and E15 are a great way for drivers to save money. while supporting rural America,” Robert said. White, RFA’s vice president for industry relations. “This summer, several retailers, such as Sheetz and Pearson Fuels, recently offered special savings on these ethanol blends, below the already lower fuel cost, compared to regular unleaded. With nearly a billion impressions on our website in June alone, we know people are looking for options. We hope this program will help drivers discover a new fuel as they rediscover America on vacation trips.

There are two ways to enter the contest and win:

  1. Submit prices for E15 or E85 at E85prices.com. Register or login to E85prices.com or use the E85prices.com mobile application.
  2. Submit higher mix price photos on Twitter. Images can be of the fuel dispenser or price sign and must include, at a minimum, regular unleaded (E10) and E15 and/or E85. Include station name, city and state. Label @EthanolRFA and include the hashtags: #ethanol #E15 #E85 and #fuelprices (unless these words are already mentioned).

Participants will be entered into a weekly raffle for a prepaid credit card to be used for fuel purchases. The winners of the 2022 competition so far are:

    • 1st week: FellwokJones (from E85prices.com) – printed on June 6

    • Week 2: CornProne (from E85prices.com) – drawn June 13

    • 3rd week: Jantenbensel (from E85prices.com) – drawn on June 20

    • 4th week: Yam245 (on E85prices.com) – printed on June 27

    • Week 5: @Ben_Sunderhaus (from Twitter) – pulled July 5

    • Week 6: @diggitydon21 (from Twitter) – draw on July 12

Want to know more about ethanol and why it’s a GREAT fuel for your car? Visit FRG consumer section or read our Updated FAQs to find out how the benefits of ethanol are worth switching to E15.


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