Rugby supermarket customer writes book after being inspired by the store’s new electric vehicle


Linda Hill meets Tilly Dilly

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Linda Hill, a regular Asda customer, was so fascinated by the new electric vehicle at the Rugby store in Warwickshire that she wrote a story about it which she presented to her colleagues as a way to say thank you for everything they’ve done over the past year.

Linda called her story “The Adventures of Tilly Dilly” – the name she gave the van – and her colleagues liked it so much that they adopted the name. Store Community Champion Allie Scrace invited Linda and her husband Roy to the store to take a closer look at the electric van and thank her for her kindness.

Linda said she imagined the story after seeing the small Garia electric van move groceries from the store to the click-collect center near the store’s gas station.

She said: “I was fascinated by this little vehicle, so I called it Tilly Dilly, which I think is really fitting, and for a little fun I wrote a little story about it called ‘The Adventures of Tilly Dilly “.”

Linda said the story was a thank you to the brilliant Rugby team and that she hoped it would “brighten up their day”.

Linda Hill meets Tilly Dilly at Asda in rugby

Linda and Roy, who was an Asda Truck Driver for 25 years before retiring two years ago, were invited to the store where Linda had photos taken with Tilly Dilly and also sat in the seat of the driver.

Linda, who is 69 and loves to write poetry, said: “I was delighted to be invited to the store. I thought it was very nice of them. We met Allie and she got me. offered a lovely bouquet of flowers and she had a nameplate with Tilly Dilly written on it too.

“She made little Tilly Dilly come to the front so I could meet her and sit in her. It was great fun and I felt honored. It was nice to meet the van in the flesh and bone, so to speak, because I’ve never seen it parked in the back. “

Linda says colleagues at the Rugby store have been brilliant since the start of the pandemic. She said: “They were faced with so many changes and rules every day, but they kept the store well stocked with products and all the staff remained smiling and helpful to their customers.”

Allie said: “When I read Linda’s story it made me smile and it did in the office as well. It was one of the best stories I have heard since I was born. I started working for Asda 10 years ago and we have even called the van Tilly now too.

“Linda had really been to town and I really wanted to meet her. She also deserved to meet Tilly so I chatted with Andy Peat, who ran the electric van, and we arranged a date with Linda when she came. for his shopping. She was so shocked to see Tilly. She was thrilled. It really made his day. “

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