Rumor: BioShock 4 is ‘BioShock: Isolation’, 2022 Game Awards reveal imminent


A possible BioShock 4 The 2021 Game Awards reveal could be coming, according to a new rumor. BioShock 4’s new leak not only points to a Game Awards trailer, but also a fitting reveal in early 2022, and even the title may have been confirmed as BioShock isolation. If the rumor is correct, fans might see a trailer for BioShock Isolation next week, but the release date itself might not be “a few years older” yet.

BioShock 4 Game Awards 2021 Revelation: What We Know

A new leak and clues from host Geoff Keighley point to a possible BioShock 4 reveal trailer at the Game Awards on December 9. Given that it’s been over eight years since BioShock Infinite, and most of the previously released details about BioShock 4 have likely been released in mass by now, a first look at a new game in the popular FPS series will be good news for fans. fans.

This news comes from the @oopsleaks leaker on Twitter, who posted plenty of details about the game, including a first logo design and its possible BioShock Isolation title. Apparently, BioShock Isolation will feature a new open world location with no backtracking, it will have a faction system, it will use Unreal Engine 5, and the team contains veterans who have worked on BioShock, Watch Dogs, Tomb Raider, and Deus Ex franchisees. . It might not be a PS5 exclusive either, as some have already suggested.

BioShock 4 was officially announced two years ago on December 9, 2019, which is the same date as the Game Awards this year. Host Geoff Keighley posted a teaser for a world premiere on which the show’s organizers “have been working with a developer for 2.5 years.” Oops Leaks suggests a proper BioShock Isolation reveal arrives in Q1 2022, but they “don’t rule out its appearance on the TGA, judging by Geoff’s latest posts.”

While many of The Game Awards 2021 are a mystery, hopefully BioShock 4 / BioShock Isolation finally gets a first look trailer – maybe even alongside a release date trailer for Gotham Knights that may. include the reveal of the Joker.


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