Schoolboy led far-right terror cell and bragged about ‘cleaning up London’


A schoolboy in South Derbyshire shockingly told like-minded young racists that he would get guns and “blow up” blacks and Asians before urinating on their corpses.

The 15-year-old created and led a far-right terrorist cell where he also bragged about how he would “cleanse London” of ethnic minorities.

During his sentencing hearing, the teenager shared video montages of Adolf Hitler, former British fascist Oswald Mosley and a video of a gunman who shot dead 51 Muslims in a massacre in New Zealand.

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He explained to the other members how to modify rifles, firearms and bombs and where to download a terrorist post reported by Derbyshire Live.

And the teenager told the other members of the group: “I am planning an attack on the Dover coast where every Muslim has been taken to safety, if that interests you, tell me now.”

The teenager, from south Derbyshire and whose identity is protected by law, had pleaded guilty to terrorism charges at a previous hearing in June.

Alistair Richardson, suing Westminster Magistrates’ Court, said: “(The Derbyshire teenager) started and managed a racist group called British Hand.

“He recruited like-minded young people and used private focus groups where they talked about ‘doing something’ against ethnic minorities.

“They have shown their support for the far-right cause with odious and entrenched beliefs, and a commitment to violence.”

The prosecutor said that from March of last year, the teenager started uploading and sharing shocking racist videos and pictures.

He said he had also discussed in the discussions plans to bomb UK cities with large Asian populations.

Mr Richardson said: “Encouraging the group to recruit more members, he posted a message saying ‘use Facebook, use Instagram, use Twitter’.

“He sent a message saying ‘we are going to be bigger than the IRA, we hate all Muslims, we want and must get our nation back by any means necessary.’

“He then sent an image of an individual wearing a gas mask, apparently himself, with a message saying ‘I’m hunting the Jews’.”

Mr Richardson said that on September 21 of last year, the day before the teenager’s arrest, the 15-year-old sent a message to the group saying “half the bullshit we say and what we anticipate could get us locked up “.

He said: “When he was arrested his response was to laugh and then when he got to the police station he said” Basically I’m on the far right and you don’t like it. ” “

The youngster from Derbyshire admitted a charge of disseminating a terrorist publication under section 2 of the Terrorism Act 2006 and an offense of collecting information of a type which could be of use to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism under section 58 of the Terrorism Act. 2000.

He also pleaded guilty to two other terrorism charges.

A second member of the British Hand, 16, from Bromley, Kent, has pleaded guilty to similar, but less serious, terrorism offenses.

Mr Richardson said the Derbyshire teenager had already received a warning for a bomb hoax.

And he also phoned an Islamic center in west London to ask what time the Friday prayers were before he said “I’m going to park my bacon wagon outside, you shouldn’t be in this country. , you terrorists “.

Mr Richardson said: “Perhaps, most worryingly, it has continued.”

He then released a short video made by the teenager after his arrest in which he ranted about how much he hates blacks and Asians.

In mitigation, Mark Luckett, the teenager’s attorney from Derbyshire, said his client had been in juvenile custody since January and was considering becoming a veterinarian or studying computer science at university.

He said: “His desire to integrate into a social group seems to be the driving force behind the commission of these offenses.

“He is a child who lacks maturity, is apolitical and did not understand what he was doing.

“He was primarily focused on video games involving combat and warfare and he seems to have failed to differentiate between the rhetorical propositions of violence commonly encountered in video game chat rooms with more harmful suggestions in the game. group.

“The offenses also occurred during the first nationwide lockdown when staying at home was the advice we were given.

“(He) appears to have spent a considerable amount of time online during this time, which unfortunately led him into a dark and twisted rabbit hole.

“He is obsessed with being part of a group and is obsessed with being called a ‘commander’.”

Chief Magistrate Paul Golding adjourned the hearing until later in August.

He said: “He’s somebody telling everyone directions, that’s his problem.

“I appreciate that he served the equivalent of a 16-month sentence.

“It is the most difficult decision a judge has to make – send a young person to jail.”

In a previous hearing, it was reported how, since his arrest, the family of the teenager from Derbyshire had moved to Swansea.

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